Keys to Success: Become The Best IT Professional in the Office

Close-up Shot of Female IT Engineer Working in Monitoring Room.

  Being the best professional in the office has many advantages. If you’re looking to get promoted, it puts you in a strong position to negotiate. If you plan to launch a search for tech jobs in Kansas City in the near future, it makes you more marketable. And if you’re concerned about job security,… Read More »

Every IT Professional Needs These Soft Skills

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  You might be the best programmer or coder in the building. But if you don’t have strong soft skills, you’re going to have a tough time advancing your career or finding new tech jobs in Kansas City. After all, a career in IT is more than just about technical skills. Some other types of… Read More »

Should You Stay or Should You Go? How to Decide When It’s Time to Move On

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  The local tech industry has continued to boom with little indication that it will slow down any time soon. That means more tech job opportunities in the Kansas City area for you. But if you’re looking to advance in your career and move onto a more senior role, how exactly can you do that?… Read More »

4 Ways to Improve Your Tech Skills and Become More Hirable

Close-up Shot of Female IT Engineer Working in Monitoring Room

  You want to advance your tech career. But that’s tough to do when you have a gap in your skill set. Whether it’s with a certain programming language or your ability to manage IT projects, the results are the same: You’re overlooked for new opportunities and promotions. What can you do? You need a… Read More »

Creativity Meets Tech: How to Market Yourself Effectively as an IT Professional

  As a tech professional, you’re in demand. But that doesn’t mean getting a job in the field is going to be easy. As leading KC tech recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows you’re going up against other smart, passionate and driven candidates who want the position as much as you. So how you can stand out… Read More »

IT Professionals: Being a Workaholic Doesn’t Equal Career Success

  In IT, work-life balance is often difficult to strike. For professionals in KC technical jobs across the city, long hours and hard work are a normal part of the culture, whether you are employed at a dedicated tech company, or simply in the IT department. Not only that, but thanks to your mobile device,… Read More »

How to Reboot Your IT Career After Being Laid Off

  You did everything right. Earned a college degree in a high-demand tech field. Networked your way to a great job. Showed up at work on time and ready to deliver great results. But now, like so many others, your company is experiencing budget cuts…and you’re one of the unlucky ones. It’s a tough pill… Read More »

Looking for a Tech Job in Kansas City? This Article is for You!

Looking for a tech job in Kansas City? While IT talent is certainly in demand, finding the opportunity that’s just right for you can still pose a big challenge. How do you approach your search so you can secure the job you want and achieve success? As one of the leading tech employment agencies in Kansas City,… Read More »