How Important Are LinkedIn Endorsements to Your Job Search?

Linkedin website on a computer screen.


Gone are the days of simply needing a resume and cover letter in your job search. Today, you also have to be on social media, particularly LinkedIn. And part of that experience involves Endorsements. These are simply a way for those you know to vouch for the skills you have.

But how important are they really to your job search?

As Kansas City recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows a LinkedIn Endorsement might not necessarily make or break your search. However, a positive word from a credible source can go a long way in helping you find a new opportunity faster. Likewise, it can be the difference between you and another candidate getting a call for an interview, so it’s certainly worth investing some time in. When you do, make sure you:

Focus on quality, not quantity.

Getting vague or generic Endorsements from 100 people isn’t going to do much for your job search. However, if you have five or six detailed ones, that really paint the picture of your skills and experience, then those are going to make the biggest impact. So don’t worry about getting as many Endorsements as possible. Instead, focus on obtaining a few high-quality ones.

Ask for Endorsements from those you’ve worked with.

Only first-degree connections can endorse you. So if you have hundreds of them, they can all offer their spin on your background, even if you’ve never actually worked with them before. That’s why it’s important to seek out Endorsements from those with direct experience with your work. Think bosses, colleagues, those you’ve volunteered with, and those you’ve managed. They’ll be able to speak to your work ethic and work quality in greater detail, offering stronger Endorsements as a result.

Review your Skills section so it’s as specific as possible.

Endorsements can use this list to check off the skills that you have. It’s therefore vitally important for this section to be as up-to-date as possible. Instead of listing 30 skills, focus on those 10 you’re really strong in and that align best with the types of positions you’re searching for. That way, as you get future Endorsements, they can only choose those skills that are central to your background.

Unfortunately, if you do get an Endorsement for a skill you don’t have or don’t want to highlight, you can’t remove it. However, you can hide it. To do so, click “Me” at the top of your profile, then “View Profile,” and scroll down to “Skills and Endorsements,” clicking on the name of any of your skills. In the pop-up, switch the toggle to the right for those you want to hide Endorsements from.

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