Today’s Employment Market is Tight: Here’s How to Keep Your Employees from Quitting


When it comes to your business, you need great people who are committed to its success. But if you have a lot of turnover, it can seriously hinder productivity, customer satisfaction, and bottom line results. In a tight market with low unemployment and quality candidates in demand, how can you keep your people happy and on board for as long as possible? Here are some tips from Morgan Hunter – a leading provider of staffing services in Kansas City – to help you:

Hire right from the start.

Hiring in a hurry only results in mistakes and regrets. Instead, it’s important to be selective with your process so that you select people who are a great fit from the start. So make sure you invest the time and resources into effective job postings, thorough screening and interviewing, and careful decision making to ensure you’re choosing the best-fit new employees.

Train and onboard them thoroughly.

One of the fastest ways to disengaged employees is a lack of comprehensive training and onboarding. New hires want to be assured they made the right decision by accepting your offer. But when they’re not welcomed in any way, or aren’t properly trained, they’ll likely grow frustrated and disengaged early on. As top experts in staffing in KC, we know this means higher turnover and more money spent on future hiring and staffing efforts.

Compensate employees fairly.

If your employees aren’t being paid enough for their level of skill or experience, then chances are they’re not going to stick around for very long. Instead, if you want to retain your company’s top talent, you need to ensure you compensate them with a fair salary and benefits package. If you’re not sure how competitive your company is in terms of compensation, then do some research for what other employers are paying in your location for workers with similar skills and experience.

Offer the right perks.

Beyond salary, many workers today want to maintain a healthier work-life balance when compared to older generations of employees. That’s why if you want to increase retention you need to consider options, such as flextime and telecommuting, to offer your staff.

Provide employees with training and continuing education.

The best employees don’t want to stay in the exact same position for 10 years. Instead, they want to move onward and upward into more challenging roles. To ensure those roles are within your company, offer your employee the training and resources they need to continue to advance. When employees know there are opportunities within the organization to move up, they will be more likely to stay on board for longer.

Provide feedback and praise.

When employees don’t feel recognized for the contributions they’re making, they are far more likely to grow disengaged. Likewise, if they don’t know where they stand with their performance, they won’t be able to adjust course if needed. That’s why praise and feedback go hand-in-hand and should be offered regularly to employees.

Having issues with retention? Need help hiring for your team?

Call the experts at Morgan Hunter. As a leading provider of staffing services in Kansas City, we can not only help you to hire the right people but also retain more of them for better bottom line results at your company. Contact us today to learn more.