Yes, Unintentional Bias Exist When Hiring. Here’s How You Can Fix It


Most people don’t think they’re biased when it comes to hiring. However, research shows otherwise. As Kansas City recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows that in most cases, it’s unintentional. Unconscious or not, it can still impact the effectiveness of your hiring process, the quality of your new hires, and the diversity of your staff.

The good news is that there are some steps you can take to eliminate these biases and any roadblocks they’re causing. You’ll therefore be able to hire better and faster, producing a more positive effect on the company bottom line. Here’s a look at 5 of them:

Create a structured process.

As Kansas City recruiters, we know the more structured your approach to hiring, the less chance there will be for unconscious biases to enter the picture. So, create a standard list of questions you plan to ask each candidate you’re considering for a position – and stick to it. Of course, you’ll go off script as you get into the details of a particular individual’s background and experience. But at least this way, you be able to compare candidates in a more fair and impartial way.

Use a scorecard.

Before the interviews, create a scorecard for assessing each candidate. It should include the essential hard skills, as well as soft skills you’re looking for in a new hire. As candidates respond to questions, rate them on a scale from one to five. This will give you a more balanced and accurate perspective on each candidate you’re considering hiring.

Take notes.

During the interview process, don’t forget to take notes. If you don’t, you’ll end up trying to remember what each candidate said, which isn’t a reliable basis for comparison. So write down a candidate’s response to each question, as well as your thoughts and comments once the interview is over. When you’re comparing candidates, you’ll be able to do so in a more precise way, thanks to these notes.

Require a work sample or completed assignment.

Another good way to make sure biases get left at the door is to require samples of work. You can also ask for your top-pick candidates to complete an assignment that’s closely related to the type of work they’d be doing if hired. That way, you’ll be able to assess their work ethic, quality, and enthusiasm in a first-hand way.

Think through why you want to hire a candidate.

As KC staffing experts, we know if it’s all based on a gut reaction, it could actually be your unconscious biases in play. Instead, for each candidate, you want to extend an offer to, make sure that you’re able to articulate why you want to hire them – and why they’re the best fit for the position.

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