Continue Building A Network To Help Your Business Grow

Connections make the world go round. As a result, if you don’t have a strong network for your business, it could negatively impact growth. Considering that growth is crucial for company success, what can you do to build a better network? Here’s a look:

Get involved.

As one of Kansas City’s leading recruiting firms, Morgan Hunter knows that one of the best way to grow your network is to become active within your industry, whether online or in person.

For instance, become a sponsor of an important industry event or conference. Or join online forums related to your business to answer questions and give advice. Doing so not only raises your visibility, but also helps you make more connections.

Always be prepared to network.

Networking doesn’t just have to happen at business events. It can happen anywhere, from a wedding to the local coffee shop to at your child’s sporting event. Always be prepared for opportunities to meet new people and grow your network. That means making sure you have business cards on hand at all times and can succinctly explain what your company does and how it helps customers.

Give before you get.

Don’t make a new connection and immediately start asking for favors, like a referral. Instead, give before you get. Give advice, answer questions, and offer to connect a new colleague to someone you know that could help them in their business. You need to build some social capital with people before you can make a request.

Be transparent.

Don’t join an industry group under the guise of getting help or advice when your real agenda is to meet potential customers. Your true motivation will quickly become apparent and you’ll harm your reputation as a result.

Be polite.

Don’t ask for advice you’d typically have to pay for. A question or two is fine, but if you’re trying to get a full-on consulting session for free, you’ll offend your connection.

Follow up.

You want to stay on the radar of your new connections. That’s why you need to follow up soon after your first meeting. You can send them a quick email inviting them for lunch, or send an invitation via LinkedIn to join your network.

Sure, you may have a lot on your plate. But it’s critically important that you regularly invest energy and resources into expanding your network. Whether it’s through referrals or sage advice, a robust business network can help you improve your company – and help it grow.

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