Recruiting: Four Mistakes You Might Be Making


Hiring mistakes can be very costly for a company. Consider the investment of time and money it takes to find, interview and hire a new professional staff member. Then, combine that with the high price of employee turnover—up to 1.5–2 times an employee’s annual salary. Considering all of this, it’s important for an employer to find the right employees right from the start. Therefore, it’s a good idea to become aware of common hiring mistakes, so you can take precautions to avoid them.

The top four hiring mistakes employers make

To bring the best-fit professional staff onboard with your facility, avoid these common hiring pitfalls:

  • Rushing your hiring decision. Your workforce is the lifeblood of your business. Why, then, would you want to make a hasty decision when supplementing it? Simple—you wouldn’t! You should always take the time you need to locate the best possible candidates, interview them thoroughly, and conduct background and reference checks. If you need a second opinion, hold a follow-up interview that involves other members of your leadership team. When you find the professional employees you need to reach your business goals, you’ll be happy you took the time you did.
  • Unclear job descriptions. It’s nearly impossible to locate qualified new staff when you’re unclear what qualifications they’ll need. For this reason, you must write your job descriptions to include all pertinent education, skills, training, etc., that a candidate must possess to excel at the job opportunity. Once you have them down on paper, it will help you to structure your interview questions accordingly. You’ll have a clear idea of the exact candidate for which you’re searching.
  • Sticking with your first impression. Yes, first impressions have a lasting effect. But the fact is, good first impressions are easy to make with great eye contact, confidence and a firm handshake. And they don’t tell you anything about a candidate’s qualifications. To get the best of your gut instincts, try to do the opposite from what you’re feeling. If a candidate makes a good first impression during his or her interview, spend the rest of the interview looking for reasons not to hire this person. If a candidate makes a less-than-stellar first impression, spend the interview searching for reasons why he or she might be a perfect match for the job. You may be surprised what you discover!
  • Hiring a “jack of all trades.” Your company needs professional staff members that specialize in exactly what your job opportunity requires. It’s highly unlikely that a generalist—someone who has experience in many different areas—will provide your business with the expertise it needs to progress. Therefore, when you’re in search of new staff, seek out specialists.

An easy way to find highly qualified candidates

Working with a recruiting partner, you can rest assured you’ll be matched with the most qualified candidates for your open position. That’s because staffing firms are experts at placing the right employees in the right positions. And recruiters have access to databases of active and passive candidates, so you know you’re getting the best possible candidate.

Are you looking to supplement your staff?

Morgan Hunter can take the guesswork out of the hiring process. Our expert recruiters will work with you to find the professional employees your business needs for short- and long-term success. To learn more, contact Morgan Hunter today.