Fine Tuning Your Job Search Can Lead to Better Marketing Interviews

The job search is one of those necessary evils that everyone has to engage in, but no one really likes. So how can you speed up the process and find a new marketing job in Kansas City faster? By fine-tuning your approach. In fact, by making a few minor, yet essential tweaks to the way… Read More »

5 of the Best Free Marketing Tools

  If you work for a start-up or small business, your marketing budget is probably pretty small. Yet you still need a few powerful tools to effectively market your product or service. Luckily there are many free marketing tools that can make a big impact on your business. Here are 5 of the best free… Read More »

These 3 Certifications Will Bring Your Marketing Career to the Next Level

  Want to advance in your marketing career? You need to do more than simply bring your ‘A’ game every day to the office. While working hard and meeting your boss’s expectations are always key to getting ahead, there’s another important step you can take to put your career on the pathway to a promotion:… Read More »

The Three Skills You Didn’t Realize Your Marketing Career Needed

  In the world of marketing, things are constantly changing. If you don’t stay up to date and on top of new developments, you’re going to get left behind. That said, it’s impossible to gain a grasp and become an expert in every aspect of marketing. So what key areas should you be focusing on?… Read More »

3 Easy Ways to Stay Relevant in Your Marketing Career

It used to be that employers had generous budgets for perks like professional development. But, as one of the top marketing recruiters in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows that in today’s economy, more and more companies are cutting back in these areas – and leaving the cost of continual learning to their employees. If your company doesn’t… Read More »