The Three Skills You Didn’t Realize Your Marketing Career Needed

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In the world of marketing, things are constantly changing. If you don’t stay up to date and on top of new developments, you’re going to get left behind. That said, it’s impossible to gain a grasp and become an expert in every aspect of marketing. So what key areas should you be focusing on? If you’re looking for marketing jobs in Kansas City and wondering what skills can help you stand out to potential employers, here are 3 to think about:

#1: Storytelling.

When it comes down to it, excellent marketing is all about being able to tell a story well. A good story hooks your audience, keeps them engaged, and entices them to act in some way.

Not only that, but good storytelling – whether it’s through blog posts, videos, infographics, or images – gets customers coming back time and again. That’s why, whether you’re a creative director, content marketer, photographer, or digital designer, being able to tell a powerful story is a valuable skill to have and promote when searching for marketing jobs in Kansas City.

#2: A strong understanding of analytics.

On the other end of the marketing spectrum is a far more technical skill: a strong grasp of analytics. You can tell the best story in the world, but if you’re not able to analyze its performance and return on investment, then it’s not going to be as useful is it could be.

Today’s savviest marketers are therefore well-versed in a variety of analytics tools from Google Analytics and Hubspot to Marketeo. When you know how to analyze marketing metrics and glean valuable insight from it, you’ll be able to better track campaign success and incorporate that information into future marketing decisions. That’s a highly desirable skill for many of today’s employers.

#3: A love of learning.

Modern marketers must be curious about the newest developments in the field and always striving to find out more about them. While it’s not realistic to learn about every aspect of marketing, it is important to pick a few you’re particularly passionate about and take a deeper dive into them so you can expand your skill set and enhance your expertise.

For instance, consider SEO, lead generation, or content strategy and development. These are all hot marketing skills to have and ones that can potentially stand out to a hiring manager. In fact, when you become a subject matter expert in one or more of these areas, you’ll dramatically increase your marketability as you’re looking for new marketing jobs in Kansas City.

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