In annual salary guide, Morgan Hunter reports up to 30 percent pay increase for entry-level employees

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Kansas City, Mo. — In its annually published salary guide, local employment agency Morgan Hunter has reported significant salary upticks for employees in Kansas City following the Great Resignation, including up to a 30% increase in various industries. The average reported increase across all reported roles was 6.41%.  

Morgan Hunter’s report pulls data from its own talent pool, which includes hundreds of Kansas City employees across the agency’s represented divisions (sales, marketing & operations; human resources; information technology; administration; accounting & finance). The data found that employees with one to five years of experience (entry to mid-level) have experienced the most significant increase in salary growth two years into the pandemic, reporting an average of a $10,000 – $20,000 increase across roles in various industries. Employees in sales, marketing & operations, human resources, and accounting & finance were those that reported up to a 30% increase in pay.   

This rapid shift is due to both a tightening job market and to a desire to reduce turnover, according to Morgan Hunter’s Senior HR Division Director, Julie Davis.  

 “The market that we’re seeing right now is completely surprising. I would have never predicted such a high demand for candidates post-pandemic,” Davis said. “After the 2001 and 2008 recessions, recruiting firms saw that job market took a lot longer to recover. The rebound that we’ve seen after the COVID-19 recession — and the power that job candidates now wield with employers — is just incredible.”   

Morgan Hunter’s findings also reported an increasing demand for flexibility among job candidates.  

 “The allowance for remote work or a hybrid model has become an expectation, not a luxury,” said Senior HR Division Director Carol Schmidt. “Many employees have reported feeling more productive and focused while working remotely, and according to our data, 34% of candidates prioritize the proximity and convenience of a company’s location when considering a job offer. For 2022, this stat is trending much higher than job security, work-life balance or even benefits.”  

Other noteworthy stats included a 5% reported increase in workers’ comfort level around negotiating salary (60% pre-COVID and 65% after) and current average salary ranges for roles across various industries. These employee-centric adjustments have overall culminated in what the employment world calls a “candidate-driven market.” 

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