3 Ways to Attract Better Sales and Marketing Talent

Have you ever extended an offer to a sales candidate only to find out they accepted a job from your competition? If you’ve experienced this situation, what can you do to ensure you become the employer of choice – and attract top sales and marketing professionals going forward? Here are some tips to help you:

#1: Create a strong employer brand.

As one of the top Kansas City sales and marketing staffing agencies, Morgan Hunter knows having a strong, positive employer brand is essential to attracting high quality talent. An employer brand includes factors such as culture, compensation, incentives, training opportunities, and additional job perks. Without a strong brand foundation, many highly qualified applicants will look elsewhere for sales and marketing opportunities. While establishing a positive employer brand takes time, effort and strategy, it will eventually have a positive impact on the level of talent you’re able to recruit.

#2: Offer the right incentives.

One important part of a strong employer brand – especially when it comes to sales and marketing employees – is offering the right incentives. Obviously, offering a competitive compensation package with a healthy salary and benefits, such as healthcare and dental insurance, is an important first place to start. But also be sure to offer other important intangibles, such as a stock options, flexible schedule, wellness benefits and generous vacation time.

#3: Offer growth opportunities.

That being said, the best sales and marketing professionals want more than just financial incentives when it comes to a job offer. They’re also looking for opportunities to learn and grow with a company. For instance, they might be interested in management opportunities in the future and could be looking for the right steppingstone to achieving that goal. So to attract top talent, consider offering opportunities such as promotions, continuing education, and the promise of participating in the growth of a fast-paced company.

It’s also important to note that when your hiring salespeople, they’ll be interested in working for a company with a proven and effective sales process. If they’ve ever worked within a weak model, they understand how a company’s sales process can either boost or handicap their performance. So having an effective sales process in place is an important part of attracting the best people to your company.

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