Top Skills You’ll Need To Be A Software Engineer

The field of software engineering is a great one to get into. Not only are professionals highly in demand, but the salary is excellent, around $95,000 a year on average in the U.S. While it can definitely be a rewarding and lucrative job in Kansas City, that also doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Having this… Read More »

How to Get IT Talent to Fall in Love with Your Company Culture

Looking for a programmer, software engineer, or any other IT professional? Good luck. So, it seems, are most companies today. As a result, competition is fierce and it can seem downright impossible to find top technical talent. But, as one of the leading IT recruiting agencies in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows one key to recruiting success is getting… Read More »

How to Spot IT Talent with Leadership Potential

As IT takes on a larger and larger role in business, it becomes more critical to acquire talent with the skills to accomplish their core tasks and the vision to lead your company to future greatness. How can you ensure you hire for success when looking for tech leaders? Identify Current Successes What are the… Read More »

The #1 Tip for Scouting Coders

As a leading Kansas City IT staffing firm, Morgan Hunter knows that the competition for IT talent is fierce, particularly for coders. So if your organization is looking to hire top-notch talent, you’ve got your work cut out for you. That said, there is one step you can take to make your job a whole lot… Read More »

Most Companies Fail to Anticipate Their IT Staffing Needs – how to avoid being one of them!

One of the fastest growing industries, Information Technology or IT, should be growing its staffs as fast as technology changes, but according to a recent study, many are falling behind. Many IT managers fail to plan properly for the future of their IT department. A recent IT executive study, released by TEKsystems, states that 60%… Read More »