7 Ways to Be Happier at Work


One-third of your life is spent at work. That’s a lot of time. And if you don’t like your job or aren’t thrilled with your employer, it can significantly impact your quality of life. The good news is that – short of finding a new job in Kansas City – there are steps you can take to improve the situation and attain more happiness at work:

1. Take a walk.

During lunch or your break, rather than hitting the vending machines, head outside for a walk. The exercise will not only improve physical health but boost your mood, as well. Grab a co-worker if you feel like chatting, or, if not, then simply go it alone.

2. Choose wisely.

What you put into your body can have a big impact not just on your energy level, but mental health, too. That’s why selecting nutritious foods and drinking plenty of water should be a regular part of your day. On top of that, make sure you’re exercising a few times a week and getting enough sleep each night.

3. Smile more.

Did you know that by simply smiling, you’ll instantly feel happier? In fact, according to research, when you smile, your brain interprets whatever you’re doing in a positive way, making it more enjoyable for you.

4. Help a co-worker.

Scientific research also supports the concept that helping other people actually makes you happier. So even if you don’t want to lend a hand to your co-worker to finish that big report, do it anyway. You’ll benefit from feeling appreciated, as well as gaining an opportunity to learn and grow personally.

5. Make changes.

Do you need a more flexible schedule? Did an internal job posting catch your eye? Are you interested in gaining new skills you can put to use at work? Then talk to your boss about your thoughts. When you do, be ready to make your case and explain how they can benefit, as well.

6. Take a vacation.

According to reports, around 57% of Americans don’t use all their vacation time. If you fall into this category, now’s the time to break away. Even if it’s just with a long weekend, part of your unhappiness at work could stem from burnout, which is why it’s so important to take your vacations.

7. Enhance your workspace.

Redecorate your workspace, whether you have your own office or a cubicle. Add some fun pictures, buy a funky new pencil holder, or get some colorful coffee mugs that make you smile.

If, despite all your efforts, you’re still unhappy at work, then it could be time for a change. Let the recruitment experts at Morgan Hunter help you make it. We can connect you with exciting new jobs at today’s leading employers across the Kansas City area. Find out how or search our jobs now.