5 Soft Skills Every IT Professional Needs in 2019

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As an IT professional, you’re in demand. There are many more job openings than there are workers to fill them. However, that’s not to say you can sit back and relax. Instead, if you want to stay a step ahead of your peers, you should always be learning and growing. And while it’s important to… Read More »

Seven Ways to Implement New Technology in Your Candidate Search

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  Technology has forever changed the way tech job candidates and employers interact. Rather than posting a position and screening talent, today’s approach to recruitment is more about engagement and relationships, all while using the most sophisticated tools available. That means if you’re still only sticking to traditional methods, you’re losing a competitive advantage when… Read More »

Creativity Meets Tech: How to Market Yourself Effectively as an IT Professional

  As a tech professional, you’re in demand. But that doesn’t mean getting a job in the field is going to be easy. As leading KC tech recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows you’re going up against other smart, passionate and driven candidates who want the position as much as you. So how you can stand out… Read More »

8 IT Job Interview Questions That Will Get You Hired

  As tech recruiters in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows that despite feeling like an interrogation, an interview is really just a conversation. The hiring manager is trying to get to know you and your background in IT, while you’re trying to learn the ins and outs of the opportunity. And you can’t do that without asking good questions.… Read More »