Career Resolutions to Make for 2018

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Ready for a better career in 2018? As Overland Park staffing experts, Morgan Hunter knows it’s a great time to make career resolutions that can help you to get back on track toward achieving your goals. What are some that you should consider? Here’s a look:

Performing a career check-up.

It’s tough to know where you want your career to go in 2018 if you don’t take the time to think about it. That’s why you should kick off the New Year by spending some time evaluating your feelings on your career. Do you like the job you’re in – or are you ready to think about new jobs in Overland Park? What about the industry or field? Do you want to get a promotion or find a new position? Are you interested in switching careers completely?

If you feel good about where you are in your career, then that’s great news. If, however, you want improve your situation in 2018, then defining your goals is the first step you need to take.

Learning one new skill.

As KC staffing experts, we know whether you’re looking for new jobs in Kansas City, or want to get a promotion, you need to be as marketable as possible. One way to get there? By learning new skills. This not only shows your commitment to professional development, but it helps you add value to your current employer, while also standing out to potential new ones.

Updating your resume.

Even if you’re not actively searching for new jobs in Kansas City, it’s important to keep your resume up to date. First and foremost, once you are ready to launch a job search, updating a resume that hasn’t been touched in 10 years is going to be tough. Not only that, but you never know when a potential opportunity could come along that you’re perfect for. And you need to be ready to go with a polished resume. The same goes for your LinkedIn profile.

Networking more.

Networking is more than just about finding out about possible jobs in Overland Park? It’s about meeting new people and forging new connections that can have a positive impact on your career and your life. Likewise, you’ll often have an opportunity to reach out and help someone in your network, making a difference in their careers in the process.

And in today’s world, there are plenty of opportunities to network, from in person to online. So pick a few that work best for you and your schedule – then commit to them in the New Year.

Taking better care of yourself.

Your health and wellness have a big impact on your career. That’s why if you’re not sleeping enough, eat too much junk food and don’t exercise, you should rethink your habits and strive for better ones. You don’t need to go on a restrictive diet or workout for two hours a day. Simply aim to make small changes here and there for a big difference you can actually sustain over time.

Healthy resolutions, like the ones above, are important to have. But, according to research, about 80% of resolutions for the New Year fail. So how can you actually keep the goals you’re planning to set for 2018? With these tips:

  • Start off small. Don’t set huge, lofty goals. If you have a big goal you want to achieve, break it into smaller, more realistic parts.
  • Change one thing at a time. Change is hard for most people, which is why you shouldn’t try to change too many things at once. Instead, aim for one habit at a time so you have a better chance of making it stick.
  • Tell people. Telling people about your career goals actually makes you more accountable for achieving them. Your friends and family can also serve as a source of support as you work toward your goals.
  • Take setbacks in stride. It’s not going to be a perfect ride; accept it and roll with the punches when they come.

Is one of your career resolutions for 2018 to find out about new jobs Overland Park or Kansas City?

Morgan Hunter can help. As staffing experts in Overland Park and KC, we’ve helped thousands of job seekers find the next great opportunity in their careers. And we can help you too! Contact us today to get started.