How to Hire Top Talent in Kansas City in 2018


As Kansas City staffing experts, Morgan Hunter knows the success of your business in 2018 – and beyond – hinges on the people you employ. So if you know you’re adding to your staff in the year ahead, it’s vital to take a thoughtful approach to the hiring process. What should you be doing to attract top talent? Here’s a look at a few do’s and don’ts:

Do hire people with diverse skill sets.

Sometimes, managers can gravitate towards candidates who are like them. They might come from a similar background, have attended the same school, or worked for the same company in the past. But don’t bring people on board just because you click with them. Studies show that more diverse workforces actually innovate more and perform better in the long run. Not only that, but you want to hire people who can help shore up your own weaknesses, all to build a stronger team.

Do test, check and verify.

When it comes to recruiting in Kansas City, don’t skip any important steps, like skills testing, checking references or verifying past employers. You want to ensure the people you do hire are honest and can perform the job. Following these kinds of best practices can help you do that.

Do evaluate for cultural match and soft skills.

You need professionals with technical acumen. At the same time, if they don’t have the people skills to integrate well with the team, or aren’t a fit for the company’s culture, they’re not going to stay with you for very long. So beyond evaluating hard skills, make sure you ask questions and conduct personality tests that enable you to assess their soft skills, too.

Don’t make it hard to apply to your job openings.

Some companies have convoluted application processes that require way too much work for the candidate. As a result, top talent will simply give up and apply elsewhere. That’s why, before you begin recruiting in Kansas City, it’s important to evaluate this aspect of your process and ensure it’s easy, seamless and mobile-friendly.

Don’t forget to promote the job.

Too many times, hiring managers focus on their needs while hiring. But it’s also important to sell the opportunity in a way that will make top talent want to work for you. This includes talking about what to expect once on the job, available perks and flexibility, why a candidate should want to work for you, and any special or unique benefits you can offer them.

Need more help hiring for your company in the coming year?

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