Making the Impossible Possible: How to Find Your Ideal Candidate

As an experienced recruitment firm in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows finding the ideal candidate for your job opening is complicated – particularly if you have a difficult-to-fill position that requires someone with a specialized skill set. For many employers, they stick with the traditional methods of posting job descriptions on job boards and listing opportunities on their websites. While there’s nothing wrong with these methods – and they should absolutely be utilized – in today’s job market, you need to take your efforts a step further in order to get ahead.

How do you do that – so you can find your ideal candidate? Here are a few ideas to put into action:

#1: Always be recruiting.

Don’t simply ramp up your recruiting efforts when you have a position to fill. Constantly be searching for individuals who would be a good fit for your company so when a job does open up, you have a candidate in line who’s a good fit for it.

#2: Make recruiting a part of your culture.

Did you know that for most companies, their best source of talent is referrals from top performers? That’s why it’s so important to get your employees to think in the same terms of “always be recruiting.” That means, if they meet someone they think is ideal for the company, there should be a process in place to refer them to you. As a result, you’ll have a pipeline full of potential candidates. So when it’s time to start hiring, there’s no delay.

#3: Don’t forget to look within.

One of the best sources for talent is your existing team. There are may benefits to promoting from within. For instance, you already know the person fits within the company culture. In addition, you have plenty of experience working with them, so understand their skill level and work ethic. And finally, it gives employees an opportunity to advance within the company, which enables you to attract better talent and retain top performers in the long run.

#4: Use phone screens to streamline the process.

Interviews can be a huge time suck. That’s why you should use phone screens in order to whittle down your list of candidates to a few top ones.

To begin, start with a five to 10 minute phone screen to get to know the candidate and see if their background aligns with the position. If it does, then set up a lengthier phone interview in which you can discuss skill set, experience, and further details about the position. Once a candidate passes these two phases, only then invite them in for a face-to-face interview. You’ll spend a lot less time on the interview process and only have sit down with those who are truly a great fit for the job.

#5: Go with your gut.

Finally, if a candidate is perfect on paper and aces the interview, but something doesn’t seem right, go with your gut. Try to dig deeper to identify the source of what’s bothering you. Keep in mind, it’s best not to rush the hiring process and hire the wrong person.

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