5 Job Interview Questions to Ask Marketing Professionals

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Hiring the right marketing professionals can be more challenging than hiring the right IT or engineering professionals. With the latter, you can review their skill set and background and gain a strong sense of the value they bring to the table. With marketing, however, the picture is not always so clear. After all, marketers are responsible for developing and pitching concepts and ideas…not exactly tangible work that is easy to measure.

So if you’re in the process of hiring your next marketing professional, what interview questions should you be asking? Here’s a look at 5:

Question #1: How would you describe your personal brand?

As one of the top Kansas City sales and marketing staffing agencies, Morgan Hunter can tell you asking this question is important for a variety of reasons. First, it gives the candidate an opportunity to talk about their professional identity and what makes them different – information that is vital to your hiring decision. Secondly, it gives you some insight into how focused they are on important attributes like providing the best service, working as part of a team, and enabling your company to become successful. This is critical because regardless of the specific marketing role they’ll play, working together to deliver the best results will be key.

Question #2: Tell me about a marketing campaign you worked on in the past. What were the results?

When asking a candidate this question, you’re looking for specifics so you can effectively analyze their conceptual and execution skills. “I ran several billboard campaigns,” simply isn’t going to cut it.

Even more importantly, you want the candidate to talk about the results they delivered. Even if the campaigns they have experience with are different from the types you’re looking to create, if they were able to deliver great results and happy clients, then they’re certainly worth a second look. Remember, skills are transferable and new industries and campaign vehicles can always be learned.

Question #3: Can you give me an example of a marketing campaign that didn’t work out as you planned? How did you handle the situation?

This question is akin to “tell me about a time you failed on the job,” or “what are your weaknesses?” It also gives you sense of a candidate’s ability to self analyze and be accountable, learn from their mistakes, and perform better next time.

Question #4: What factors do you think are most important when you’re attempting to influence consumer behavior?

Asking this question will help you find out about a candidate’s marketing expertise. You’re looking for answers that highlight how cultural, social, personal and psychological factors all impact a consumer’s decisions.

Question #5: What technology do you have experience with in reaching consumers?

When asking this question, you’re looking for knowledge about the latest technology and experience with leveraging them, from mobile marketing to geo targeting to social media. Even if a candidate doesn’t have extensive experience with a particular vehicle, showing enthusiasm and a willingness to learn is important.

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