How to Answer Job Interview Questions About Ethics

When it comes to answering interview questions, talking about past experiences and accomplishments is the easy part. But what about when the hiring manager asks you about your work ethic, integrity and loyalty? How to do you answer these more subjective questions and put yourself ahead of the pack for the Kansas City job?

Start by following these tips:

Think ahead.

How do ethics relate to your particular career field? For example, confidentiality is critical for those in the legal and medical field, while honesty and dependability is a must for those who work in accounting. In addition, be prepared for some common interview questions related to ethics, such as “What do you consider to be the most important workplace ethic?” and “Describe three values that are most important to you?”

Be honest.

As one of the leading employment agencies in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter can tell you if you tout your work ethic in an interview, only to become the employee who always shows up late, then you’re not going to last long on the job. Don’t try to create an image of something that you’re not. While you don’t want to say anything negative, it’s also important to focus on areas where you truly excel – perhaps it’s your passion for community involvement or die-hard loyalty. Be truthful (yet diplomatic) and avoid the lip service.

Don’t trip yourself up.

If you’re completing a personality or behavioral test, then be aware that these tests ask the same question in many different ways. It’s a red flag for employers if you state that you’re reliable in one question, but then answer that you’re more unpredictable in another.

Offer solutions.

Besides directly asking questions about your own ethics, hiring managers may pose a scenario related to ethics and ask what you’d do. For instance: “What would you do if you found out your boss was stealing from the company?” These questions are designed to illicit information about what you would do in potentially compromising situations, giving hiring managers a clearer picture of your true nature.

Answering questions related to ethics can be a challenge in an interview. But if you’re honest, well prepared, and focus on your strengths, then you’ll be able to shine next time you’re in front of a hiring manager.

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