How to Find Top Talent Before They Are Stars

There are stars: the people who have been great their whole lives. 4.0’s, top company internships, automatic upward mobility. They expect nothing but the best, and have a hard time dealing with the worst.  Good schools are just names. Good students may flail in the real world.

Then there are those that fly under the radar. They do what they love and work hard at it—without as many opportunities or fanfare.

Those are the candidates you want to go after-good, solid candidates who aren’t exactly there yet, but have the potential to be. Look beyond the names.

The best way to find these candidates? There are several.

  1. Mentor. Good candidates will also want to learn more and soak up everything they can. These people will go out of their way to find a good mentor in the industry they are passionate about. Take a chance and mold them.  Help them to grow and learn how to use their talents efficiently.
  2. Personality tests. Results from Myers/Briggs and DISC can provide a company with a recipe for success or disaster. If you have an introvert applying for a leadership position, and a leader applying for an entry-level position, you may find a hidden gem. If the candidate has not taken one of these, have the company invest in providing that resource to candidates.
  3. Communications skills. Are they misspelling words in cover letters? Do they know what is going on in the news? Just because someone reads Shakespeare, does not mean that they are aware of what is going on in the world. Someone that reads on a daily basis will have a much stronger way of communicating. It’s not what you read, but how much.
  4. Give them a test. See how well they can handle pressure and potential failure. And if they do fail, see how they resurrect themselves. Do they ask questions? Do they find strength in failure and making themselves better?
  5. Treat them like gold. Mediocre candidates may not be used to companies rolling out the red carpet for them. Let them know that every employee you have is special and needed.

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