Are Your Job References Ignoring You?

It could happen to you: you get through a series of job interviews and you get an offer—which is contingent on your references checking out. So you call your references to let them know they’ll be getting a call from a hiring manager about you. And they don’t answer your calls. Or your emails. What… Read More »

Company Growing? Avoid Culture Shock for New Employees

There are huge companies we hear amazing stories about, Google, Facebook, Microsoft for example, that have kept their startup personality and passion as they have grown. The employees are happy and their growth became a benefit, not a pain. Some companies increase slowly, while others can have bursts of success. When a company is smaller,… Read More »

How to Find Top Talent Before They Are Stars

There are stars: the people who have been great their whole lives. 4.0’s, top company internships, automatic upward mobility. They expect nothing but the best, and have a hard time dealing with the worst.  Good schools are just names. Good students may flail in the real world. Then there are those that fly under the… Read More »