Is It Okay To Ask If You Got The Job?


Like so many other aspects of the job search process, if you want to find out whether you got the job after a successful interview, you need to be professional. It shows initiative and a desire for the job if you follow up, but you don’t want to be inappropriate, annoying or pushy.

First, when you go for the interview, try to remember to ask at the end when you can expect to hear something. If they give you a day, e.g., “We’ll be making a decision by next Friday,” then don’t inquire before next Friday. If they give you an exact date, don’t follow up until that date has passed.

If the employer doesn’t give you a firm date, wait a week and a half to 2 weeks after the interview before following up and inquiring about a decision. When you do, follow up in the least intrusive way first. Start by emailing. An email lets you plan ahead and deliver your message smoothly.

Start off the email by reminding the interviewer who you are: “This is Jane Doe. I interviewed for your Graphic Designer position last week.” Mention that you are still interested in the job, then ask if they have made any decisions in the hiring process. Tell them how they can reach you if they have any further questions for you, and sign off. Keep it brief!

If you don’t get a response to the initial e-mail within a day or two, try one more time. If you still don’t hear anything, your next step is to call.

Before you call, think about what you need and want to say, and practice it a few times before you pick up the phone. You may get voicemail, in which case it’s a good idea to have a script written out for yourself, so you don’t ramble or forget to say anything important.

If you get to speak to the interviewer directly, take a deep breath and be ready to introduce yourself as well as your intention (i.e., This is Jane Doe, calling to check in about the status of their hiring for the Graphic Designer position). Make sure that you are in a quiet environment and have a list of questions ready for the employer.

You have a right to know if a decision has been made, so if you feel you did well in the interview, take some proactive steps to find out whether or not you got the job.


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