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Showcase Your Leadership Skills with These Responses to Common Interview Questions

  You know it’s important to prepare answers to common questions before an interview. But are you prepared to answer them in a way that demonstrates your leadership abilities? As leading KC recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows that today’s employers want people with drive, whether or not you’re interviewing for a job in the world of… Read More »

Want a Promotion? Here are the Top Things You Need to Do

  You want to get ahead in your career. The trouble is, you’re not sure what steps to take. Sound familiar? If it does, then Morgan Hunter can help all you KC job seekers. We know what managers look for in employees they’re considering hiring, as well as what specific steps you can take in your… Read More »

6 Reasons You Should Move to the Kansas City Area for a Job

  Kansas City is an amazing place to live and work. But if you’re not from the City of Fountains and are considering moving here, you might not be aware of everything this great city has to offer. What are some benefits you should know about? Here’s a look at six of them:   Cost… Read More »

Want to Attract the Attention of a Top Recruiter? Then You Need a Killer LinkedIn Profile

  If you’re looking for a job in Kansas City, you need more than just a strong resume and cover letter to get noticed by a hiring manager – and get a great offer. You also need a killer LinkedIn profile, too. In fact, most managers today look to social media to source candidates, as… Read More »

Insights into the Sales Professional: Hiring and Training Trends, Part 1

  David M. Madeo, President of Tilli LLC, and Certified Sales Coach and Trainer, recently sat down with Geoff Farwell, Morgan Hunter Senior Recruiter in the Sales & Marketing division, to discuss hiring and training trends in the sales industry in Part 1 of this Q&A series.   Geoff: When It comes to placing sales… Read More »

IT Professionals: Being a Workaholic Doesn’t Equal Career Success

  In IT, work-life balance is often difficult to strike. For professionals in KC technical jobs across the city, long hours and hard work are a normal part of the culture, whether you are employed at a dedicated tech company, or simply in the IT department. Not only that, but thanks to your mobile device,… Read More »

Top Industries in Kansas City with the Hottest Jobs

  According to many indicators, the U.S. economy looks healthy and strong as we enter a New Year. So if you’re interested in new jobs in Kansas City, it’s certainly a good time to start your search. But where should you focus your efforts if you want to make the most out of your career?… Read More »

Career Resolutions to Make for 2018

  Ready for a better career in 2018? As Overland Park staffing experts, Morgan Hunter knows it’s a great time to make career resolutions that can help you to get back on track toward achieving your goals. What are some that you should consider? Here’s a look: Performing a career check-up. It’s tough to know… Read More »

5 Things that Happen When You Work with a Recruiter to Find a Job

  Looking for jobs in Kansas City? Have you thought about partnering with professional recruiters? When you do, you can take advantage of a whole host of benefits, including the following: Benefit #1: They know who’s hiring. Local recruiters are going to know which employers in the Kansas City area are hiring and how to… Read More »

2018 Kansas City Marketing Career Advancement Guide

  As KC staffing experts, Morgan Hunter knows that marketing is one of those industries that’s evolving at a rapid-fire pace. That’s why, if you work in the field, it can tough to know not only where to take your career going forward, but also how to get there. The good news is that there… Read More »