Unlock Your Potential as an Administrative Professional in Today’s Evolving Digital World

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As the digital age continues to progress, administrative professionals need to stay one step ahead of the competition by having their finger on the pulse of modern trends. Tech remains important – being versed in the latest computer software can give admins an edge – but it’s just as crucial to develop skills that help build relationships and manage time. Curious to know what the future holds for admins? Let’s dive in! 

Keep Up With These Trends


Trend #1: Hybrid Gains Momentum 

The Covid-19 pandemic created a work-from-home revolution, and although there are still remote roles available, many employers now favor a mix of working from home and in the office. This sudden uptick in hybrid positions demonstrates how office culture is constantly evolving. If you’re looking to join or rejoin the workforce and want strong options, it’s essential to be open and flexible in your search. 


Trend #2: The Rise of the Temporary Gig 

Finding the right work environment is tough, especially when circumstances don’t permit full-time commitment. Temporary administrative roles are an option for those looking to make extra money under flexible perimeters. Morgan Hunter succeeds at fulfilling temporary positions for a variety of different types of job seekers, including substitute teachers, new graduates eyeing summer work, and professional, career admins pursuing seasonal positions. 


Trend #3: Debunking Misconceptions 

Administrative roles are often misunderstood as uniform and one dimensional, but those who immerse themselves in this bustling field know that these claims are far from the truth. Admin roles provide exciting opportunities to explore different areas of the business world from a behind-the-scenes perspective. 

  • Myth #1: Admins just answer the phone – Not even close! Admins are the ones keeping the bus moving – excelling behind the scenes so that the office can perform at a high-functioning level. These roles provide an incredible opportunity to gain exposure and insight into the inner workings of different establishments, honing admin skills like organizational management, communication, and problem-solving. 
  • Myth #2: It’s a dead-end journey – Admin jobs are not a dead-end journey—in fact, admin job can help professionals figure out which path is right for future career development. And for career admins, multitasking is almost like an Olympic sport. Those that succeed have a desire to help others and anticipate needs.  

An ambitious mindset and a flair for problem-solving can set you apart from other talented individuals and open doors of success. Let’s delve into some skills needed to break into the admin field!


Develop These Skills 


Skill #1: Adapt to New Tech 

As the job market grows more competitive, employers are expecting new hires to come in with a higher level of tech-savviness than ever before. Microsoft Office is no longer enough; pros must stay up-to date on new tools and technologies. 

“The expectation of walking in the door and knowing how to work within a system is probably higher than it was a few years ago. Candidates really need to be proactive and responsible to educate themselves on growing digital trends,” says Morgan Philips, Morgan Hunter Administration Division. 

Executives and senior leaders have a lot on their plate. This often means using multiple applications at once to successfully coordinate the activities of an entire team. Current admin pros should upgrade their skills to become marketable for new roles, while entry-level job seekers should educate themselves on how to become an invaluable asset to a team. 


Skill #2: Organize Like a Pro 

Being a successful administrator requires an array of skills, from data entry to financial assistance. Highly organized people are often drawn towards these roles since there is plenty of operational work to be done that requires attention-to-detail. These positions are suited for personalities that seamlessly keep operations running behind-the-scenes, always on top of tasks and willing to adapt and adjust as needed. 


Skill #3: Prep for Success 

The earlier you begin revamping your job seeking materials, the better. Crafting an impressive resume could be the gateway to your dream job. Highlight all of your skills, including technology and software talents, and detail projects and initiatives you’ve been involved in.  

Be sure to update your LinkedIn to include relevant, recent information consistent with what you have on your resume. Check in on your LinkedIn frequently so that you don’t miss communications between potential networking buddies or job opportunities. 

“The biggest things are your resume, communication, and follow-through,” says Philips. “The longer you sit on an e-mail or wait to respond to a phone call or a text from a company, you’re likely to miss out on that opportunity.” 

A successful job interview is about more than just being prepared: making sure to avoid certain pitfalls can be the difference between landing that dream role or walking away with disappointment. Interviewers expect you to arrive on-time, maintain a professional attitude towards previous employers, and dress for success in business attire. However, don’t forget why you’re there. Demonstrate your successes through confident dialogue so they know what you are capable of. 


Work with Us! 

As a thriving or aspiring administrative professional, you don’t have time to waste. When you work with Morgan Hunter, we’ll schedule a consultation to talk about your experience, what you’ve done in previous roles, what you liked and didn’t like from past opportunities, and what you are looking for in the future. We then match you with multiple opportunities, representing you throughout the interview process, including offers and onboarding. 

“We do the legwork for candidates to know what the company is expecting and what they’re truly looking for – not just what’s showing up on a job description,” says Philips. “We’re giving a lot more insight on what to expect. In the interview process, we tell candidates who they’re interviewing with, instructions on parking and elevator situations – all that they need to know ahead of time to calm their nerves.” 

Finding the right job can be tricky and confusing, especially if your daily life is already consumed by another full-time role. Morgan Hunter understands how hard it can be to strike that delicate balance between reality and potential. We’ll focus relentlessly on making sure your goals align with what employers are searching for. Reach out today for a consultation!