5 Tips for Applying for Out of State Jobs

Applying for a job in a different state can be tricky. There is a myth that most recruiters or HR managers won’t even consider an out-of-town candidate because they’re afraid they’ll be asked to pay for interview trips or relocation costs. They might be worried that they’ll go through all the trouble of hiring you,… Read More »

High Tech Hiring Heats Up

Great news for IT professionals (but not so great for employers): according to Dice.com’s most recent monthly survey, competition for qualified IT workers is continuing to heat up. Dice.com, the United States’ leading career website for technology and engineering professionals, says the latest surge in hiring has pushed the tech sector’s unemployment rate to below… Read More »

7 Tips for Transitioning from IT into Management

While an IT career can be very fulfilling, it may become a dead end, depending on your career aspirations. There may come a time when you will have to take a serious look at the possibility of moving into management. Why? You may feel that you have hit a glass ceiling. You may think you… Read More »

Dress for the Job You Want

Click here to open This 50-page book shares tips and information on how individuals can dress for success even on the tightest budget. It shows them how to effectively signal to employers that they “get it,” and avoids the unfortunate situation lots of students face where they are locked out of the job market simply… Read More »

Get Motivated

I don’t know about you, but quite frankly I’m sick of hearing about the tough economy. So today, we’re going to focus on 5 ways to turn negative thoughts into positive action. 1. You have a lot of potential – start recognizing it! You may not be built like Arnold Schwarzenegger or be mistaken for… Read More »