How to Implement and Cultivate Your 2017 Strategic Staffing Plan

  You’ve reviewed last year’s staffing goals, challenges, and accomplishments. You’ve developed a new strategic staffing plan for 2017 to build on past successes. But now comes implementation time. You don’t want your plan – that you’ve invested days and weeks into – sitting in a drawer, collecting dust. What should you know before you make a move?… Read More »

2016 Staffing Plan for Kansas City Companies: Part 2

If your company could predict what jobs, roles, functions, and skills would be necessary for your organization in the near future, would you be more successful? The answer is Yes, of course! And that’s where a strategic staffing plan comes in. Such a plan will not only help you asses your current workforce, but also identify and… Read More »

Five Ways a Strategic Staffing Plan Will Reduce Your Costs

The purpose of a strategic staffing plan is to hire and retain people who can perform jobs that align with your company’s goals, improve workforce flexibility, and ensure your company is operating at peak efficiency. As a leading Kansas City staffing agency, Morgan Hunter can tell you that, as a result, your company will be… Read More »