How to Write an Amazing Resume

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A resume is perhaps the most important part of your job search. It’s what initially attracts the attention of a hiring manager, communicates your value to potential employers, and can lead to landing an interview. We’ve seen thousands of resumes throughout our more than 30 years in the recruiting industry — so we know what… Read More »

7 Most Common Resume Mistakes

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  We all make mistakes. But one on your resume will quickly disqualify you from getting an interview. A recent survey of human resource managers identified seven of the most common mistakes job seekers make on their resumes. These are the blunders the survey respondents said are instant deal breakers: Typos or bad grammar A… Read More »

How to Quantify Accomplishments When You Don’t Have Much Experience

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  When it comes to your resume, one of the best ways to make it stand out is by quantifying your accomplishments. This simply means assigning numbers – like amounts, dollars, and percentages – to your achievements. But what if you haven’t been in your career for a long time and therefore don’t have a… Read More »

What HR Managers Are Looking for On Your Resume

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  When you apply for a job, Human Resource Managers are some of the first people to see your resume. What they see could make or break your chances of landing an interview. They are the gatekeepers who decide which resumes a hiring manager will see. What do they look for on a resume? A… Read More »

Top 10 Craziest Resume Mistakes

  Every open job attracts an average of 250 resumes. Forty-three percent of HR managers spend less than a minute looking at a resume. Considering these statistics, there’s a lot of pressure to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps because of this pressure, many job seekers have put some outlandish things on their resume in… Read More »

5 Most Common Job Seeker Mistakes

  You have the necessary skills and experience to land the job, but for some reason, you didn’t make the cut. There may not be something wrong with you, but you may have made a simple mistake in the application process that prevented you from getting the job. CareerBuilder surveyed over 3,000 professionals about how… Read More »

5 Resume Essentials for Job Search Success

  You’re ready to search for a great new opportunity. You’ve worked your way up the ranks, have plenty of experience, and want to spread your wings. The trouble is, you haven’t even looked at your resume since 2007. You know it’s the mission-critical document that will help you get your foot in the door at… Read More »

4 Reasons Recruiters Reject Your Resume

  Trying to find a job can be unbelievably frustrating. You spend weeks perfecting your resume, writing cover letters and applying for jobs only to get rejected, or worse, hear nothing at all. You have the experience and skills necessary for the position, but you’re not making any progress in your job search. Your resume may… Read More »

4 Soft Skills Employers Want in a New Hire

  Your resume contains information about your education and experience, but does it talk enough about your soft skills? If not, it should. An overwhelming majority of employers — 77 percent — think that soft skills are as important as hard skills, according to a CareerBuilder survey. And when evaluating job candidates, they are giving… Read More »

4 Quick Ways to Improve Your Resume

  Any open job receives an average of 120 applications, and only 20 percent of them get offered an interview. In this highly-competitive job market, you need a stellar resume to really stand out. Chances are, you already have a resume. But is it the best it can be? If you are having a hard… Read More »