5 Resume Essentials for Job Search Success

Close-up Of Person Hand Holding Curriculum Vitae


You’re ready to search for a great new opportunity. You’ve worked your way up the ranks, have plenty of experience, and want to spread your wings.

The trouble is, you haven’t even looked at your resume since 2007. You know it’s the mission-critical document that will help you get your foot in the door at a terrific new company. It displays pertinent contact information and demonstrates your skills and experience. It also serves to communicate your career achievements, along with your level of professionalism. And it can make or break your chances of finding a rewarding new job.

With so much at stake, it’s hard to know where to begin. But as a leading Kansas City employment agency, Morgan Hunter knows creating or enhancing a resume for job search success is easier than you think. Below are five essentials to make sure you include on yours:

#1. A summary of qualifications.

In today’s world, most managers spend a few seconds – about six – skimming resumes. They don’t read every detail. That’s why it’s important for you to include a bullet list at the top of your key qualifications that are the best fit for the job. These qualifications need to make the case as to why you should be considered.

#2. Keywords.

If you’re applying to a larger company, it’s likely that a live person might not even review your resume at first. It’s important to include keywords from the job description to ensure a company’s applicant tracking system doesn’t filter you out. Think “project management,” “accounts receivables,” or “writing and editing” – whatever is pertinent to the job.

#3. Accomplishments.

Your resume should give a brief overview of the day-to-day work you were responsible for in past positions. But it also needs to highlight your achievements, as well. For instance, instead of saying you were responsible for “ordering office supplies,” say you “negotiated a new contract with an office supply vendor that saved your company 10%.”

#4. Easy-to-read formatting.

Don’t crowd your resume onto one page with 8 point font and no white space. This makes it hard for the hiring manager to read. Instead, add line breaks after each position; include a little space after each bullet. It’s ok if your resume is on two pages. As long as it’s not so crowded that it’s hard to read.

#5. A logical flow.

Your resume should be easy to navigate. That means following a logical flow in terms of the information presented. Your contact information should be at the very top, followed by your summary of qualifications. After that, your employment history should be listed in chronological order, followed by your education and then any pertinent awards, industry association memberships, certifications or volunteer work.

Overall, when crafting your resume, keep in mind your audience is busy and doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands. That’s why you need to focus on attention-getting facts – and organize it all in a reader friendly way.

Do you need more help creating a great resume that gets results? Call Morgan Hunter. As one of the leading Kansas City employment agencies, we can help you in every aspect of your job search – from crafting an effective resume and preparing for interviews to uncovering great job opportunities.

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