8 IT Job Interview Questions That Will Get You Hired


As tech recruiters in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows that despite feeling like an interrogation, an interview is really just a conversation. The hiring manager is trying to get to know you and your background in IT, while you’re trying to learn the ins and outs of the opportunity.

And you can’t do that without asking good questions.

On top of that, thoughtful questions demonstrate your enthusiasm for the job to the hiring manager. If you walk out of an interview without asking questions – simply to get out of the hot seat – the manager will wonder just how interested you really are in the position.

That said, not all interview questions are created equal. Skip the basic ones that are easily answered by a quick review of the company website. Instead, ask smart questions that truly help you get the details you need to decide whether the job is right for you.

Here’s a look at 8 to start with:

#1: What kinds of projects can I expect to work on in the first six months if hired?

The job title of the position only explains so much. It’s important to understand the specific details, goals, and expectations of projects you’d be working on, along with typical timelines.

#2: Tell me about some of the projects you’ve worked on recently.

This gets the hiring manager to describe situations that have already happened, rather than describing an ideal scenario. You can get a better sense of how a project within the company truly unfolds, from who proposed it to challenges encountered throughout it.

#3: What trends in IT today are impacting the company the most?

This question is a bigger picture one and can help you get a sense of how the company is leveraging trends to grow and expand. It also gives you a sense of how important innovation is at the company.

#4: What kinds of learning opportunities are there?

If you’re like most tech candidates, learning and growing in your profession is a top priority. That’s why asking this question is so important. For instance, find out what kinds of training and educational opportunities are offered; what the requirements are for participating in them; and how people share knowledge across the company.

#5: What’s the training and onboarding process like?

Some companies have a “sink or swim” mentality when it comes to new hires. However, top employers will offer a thorough onboarding program to help you get off on the best foot.

#6: How is your culture different from other tech companies?

It’s important to dig into the details about culture and what makes theirs different. It’s the only way you’ll find out whether the job and the company are the right fit for you.

#7: Has the company helped you achieve your career goals?

This might put the hiring manager on the spot. But if they’re promising advancement opportunities and challenging projects, it’s important to ask. It will give you a sense of whether the company truly invests in employees and helps them advance in their careers – or just says they do.

#8: Ask your own questions.

What do you most value in a workplace? What’s most important to you in terms of career advancement? Make sure you consider these and other factors and develop your own list of questions to ask.

Need more help nailing your next tech interview or finding IT job leads?

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