How to Use Social Media to Research a Company’s Culture

  You want to be happy where you work. And while a competitive salary, good health insurance, and a great company match on your retirement plan are all important, the biggest factor for job satisfaction is company culture. To be truly happy at work, you need to determine if a company’s culture is right for… Read More »

5 Job Search Tips While You’re Currently Employed

  Looking for a new job while you’re still employed has its pros and cons. On one hand, currently employed candidates are more desirable to recruiters and hiring managers because they are perceived as more “in-demand.” Plus, job searching is much less stressful when you still have a steady paycheck. On the other hand, if… Read More »

6 Tips for Writing Cover Letters

  To some job seekers, cover letter writing is a pointless endeavor. But a cover letter is one of the most important aspects of any job search. Cover letters are the first thing that many hiring managers see. It can create a positive first impression that encourages someone to read your resume, or it can… Read More »

Pay Attention to What You’re Posting, Or Nobody Else Will

How you represent your company can be as simple as what is included in a job posting. Think about it. Each company has a certain style to its job postings. An established bank has a different tone from a startup technology company. What you say within your posting will determine the type of applicants you… Read More »

Job Search Tip: Use tools to sell your story

When it comes to reviewing résumés, the sheer volume of résumés received in their inbox can overwhelm a recruiter. Think about it: a recruiter could get hundreds upon hundreds of résumés for a single job posting. And with that amount, it can be difficult to differentiate one from the other. That is why it’s important… Read More »

What Type of Resume is Best for Me?

One of the first things you need to do when embarking on a job search is create a strong, concise resume. Your resume needs to be more than a list of what you’ve done. It needs to be a document that represents who you are and tells employers what you can do. Your resume often… Read More »

5 Tips for Applying for Out of State Jobs

Applying for a job in a different state can be tricky. There is a myth that most recruiters or HR managers won’t even consider an out-of-town candidate because they’re afraid they’ll be asked to pay for interview trips or relocation costs. They might be worried that they’ll go through all the trouble of hiring you,… Read More »