Ever Lied on a Resume? 75% of Employers Can Tell

A recent CareerBuilder survey revealed that 75% of employers have caught a lie on a resume. So if you’re tempted to exaggerate the truth, fudge facts, or outright deceive on your resume, don’t do it. The odds of getting caught are relatively high and once you are, you’re not only out of the running for… Read More »

5 Key Principles to Apply from 2016

  At Morgan Hunter, our goal as a leading Kansas City employment agency is to be a resource for our job candidates. Whether you need help sharpening your resume – or getting ahead in your career – we’re here to help. And with 2016 officially over, we thought it would be a good time to take… Read More »

5 Job Search Tips While You’re Currently Employed

  Looking for a new job while you’re still employed has its pros and cons. On one hand, currently employed candidates are more desirable to recruiters and hiring managers because they are perceived as more “in-demand.” Plus, job searching is much less stressful when you still have a steady paycheck. On the other hand, if… Read More »

21 Percent of Employees Vowing to Find New Job in the New Year

As the New Year kicks off, more than one in five employees have made finding a new job their New Year’s resolution according to a recent survey by CareerBuilder. Of those looking for a new job in 2016, 34 percent said they will accomplish this by regularly looking for a new job even though they… Read More »

Cover Letter Essentials for a Better Job Search

Your cover letter only gets scanned for a few second by a hiring manager. So do you really need one at all? Wouldn’t your time be better spent focusing on your resume? The short answer is no. As an experienced Kansas City employment agency, Morgan Hunter can tell you that an effective cover letter is still critical… Read More »

How to Set Career Goals for 2015

The end of the year is almost here. Are you planning ahead – and setting goals – for the next one? As a Kansas City employment agency, Morgan Hunter knows if you want to move forward in your career, then doing so is critical. But it can certainly be easier said than done. How can you go about setting career goals for 2015 –… Read More »

App to the Rescue! Harnessing Your Smartphone for Interview Prep

As a leading employment agency in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows applying for jobs is overwhelming enough. But the fact that you need to spend considerable time then preparing for job interviews is enough to send any candidate over the edge. The good news is that with today’s technology – and an app for pretty much… Read More »

How to Turn a Career Distraction into a Career Opportunity

As a leading employment agency in Kansas City, Morgan Hunter knows that distractions are expensive. In fact, according to research firm Basex, they cost U.S. companies $588 billion a year in lost productivity. But can distractions at work sometimes be a good thing? In other words, can you leverage them to your advantage – and advance… Read More »