Ever Lied on a Resume? 75% of Employers Can Tell

A recent CareerBuilder survey revealed that 75% of employers have caught a lie on a resume. So if you’re tempted to exaggerate the truth, fudge facts, or outright deceive on your resume, don’t do it. The odds of getting caught are relatively high and once you are, you’re not only out of the running for that particular job, but likely that company too. It’s a risk that’s not worth taking.

So what are some of the biggest lies candidates have told on resumes? A few ones listed on the survey include:

  • Lying about the number of jobs held. In fact, one applicant claimed they held 40 jobs in a single year.
  • Lying about degrees held, with another 22-year-old applicant claiming to have three different ones.
  • Being grossly under-qualified for a position. For instance, a grocery store worker applied to a job as a physician.
  • Listing the same employment dates for every position.

While these are certainly colossal lies, there are many out there that are more common and more subtle too. These often include when a candidate includes a degree they never fully completed or stretches out employment dates to cover up a gap. Another typical one includes inflating a job title to make a position sound more senior than it actually is.

These lies aren’t as enormous as the ones listed by hiring managers in the CareerBuilder survey. However, they are just as easily caught. In fact, a quick call to your past employer or alma mater will reveal the correct information, which is why it’s important to always tell the truth.

Even if you tell a lie and do get hired, the truth can and likely will come out during your tenure at the company, which could put your job at risk. Not only that, but it’s an issue that will always be in the back of your head, impacting your productivity and performance, as well as your peace of mind. You don’t want to live with that kind of constant fear.

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