5 Benefits of Working with a Recruiter for Salary Negotiations

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It’s no secret that money is one of the most important factors to consider when evaluating a job. The question is – how do you get to where you want to be? Just like buying a house, allowing an experienced professional to negotiate on your behalf can make all the difference. Here are five reasons why working with a recruiter will help you get the best salary deal possible.

1. They have connections

Recruiters are often the first person employers think of when they need new employees. Through their strong industry connections, a good recruiter opens doors to new opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable or difficult to find.

2.They know the market

Recruiters are constantly keeping tabs on the latest salary and hiring trends, which can help you understand what a reasonable range is for your position and skillset. With their insider knowledge, you’ll feel like you have the secret code when it comes time to negotiate.

3.They have negotiating experience

A candidate should never bring up compensation in an interview. Some employers consider the emphasis on pay to be a turnoff, since it can make candidates seem like that’s all they’re interested in. Most recruiters have years of experience navigating this tricky conversation and can present the subject in a way that resonates with employers.

4.You’ll save time and energy

Searching for a job is a time-consuming and exhausting process, especially when you have a specific salary range or benefits in mind. A recruiter takes some of the burden off your shoulders by doing the legwork for you. They search through their database of jobs and point you only towards the most relevant opportunities, saving time you can use to focus on preparation.

5.They can help you get a better offer

Working with a recruiter is the best way to ensure that you get a competitive salary offer from your employer. They work with you to understand your skillset, determine what you are worth in the market, and advocate for you during negotiations. Because recruiters aren’t affiliated with any particular company, they can also be impartial when negotiating, making it more likely to get the best deal possible.

So, don’t have that awkward salary conversation yourself. We work with companies and jobseekers to ensure we match candidates with roles that fit their salary and benefits needs so you don’t have to. Contact us today to find out how!


The big Q: What to say when asked about salary

  • If the application asks for a range, put “open” under desired salary.
  • Avoid giving specifics on salary expectations. If you say too low, you may short-change yourself. If you say too high, you may price yourself out of the position. Instead, say: “I am open on salary. The most important thing to me is [insert value of position outside of salary]. I would love to entertain your best offer.”

Don’t be shy when it comes to talking about your experiences and what you can offer the company. Be sure to mention any successes or accomplishments that were quantifiable, so they know how great of an impact you had on the bottom line.