Why You Should Be Recruiting Passive Candidates

Recruiting passive candidates


There will be a lot of competition for talent in 2017. Consider this: unemployment is under 5 percent, and there are more than 5 million job openings in the U.S. Jobseekers have more options than they’ve had in recent memory. And all the best talent is likely already employed. How do you get the best people for your open position? You need to start pursuing passive candidates.

What is a Passive Candidate?

Passive candidates are the cream of the crop, the star players. Because they are so desired by employers, they already have a job. The good news is, 45 percent say they are willing to learn about other opportunities.


Why You Should Recruit Passive Candidates


1. They want challenging work

According to a survey by LinkedIn, passive candidates are 33 percent more likely to want challenging work.

2. They are skilled

Passive candidates are 17 percent less likely to need skill development, so you can spend less time onboarding and put them to work faster

3.They need less praise

Passive candidates tend to be less needy than some of their peers because they are 21 percent less likely to need recognition

4. They want to make a difference

These desirable candidates are 120 percent more likely to want impactful work.

5. Less competition

While active candidates are going on multiple interviews, passive candidates are less likely to be interviewing with other companies, meaning less competition for you.

6. They’re more truthful

Passive candidates are not desperate to land a job since they’re already employed and are less likely to stretch the truth when it comes to their skills and experience.


How to Recruit Passive Candidates

When pursuing passive candidates, simply posting your open position on a job board and hoping they apply won’t work. You need to actively go after passive candidates. Utilize social media, especially LinkedIn, to find your ideal candidates. Employee referrals are also a solid source for passive candidates.

The only downside to recruiting passive candidates? It takes longer than recruiting active candidates. You may not have time to scour the internet and sift through hundreds of resumes to find your next best employee. That’s why many companies work with a staffing firm like Morgan Hunter to find passive candidates. While you focus on your day-to-day responsibilities, our team is solely focused on finding your ideal candidate. We have the recruiting expertise and experience necessary for attracting and landing these highly sought-after professionals.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you hire the best people for your open position, contact us today.