5 Reasons Job Seekers Should Work with a Recruiter

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Despite the good work they do, many people are hesitant about working with a recruiter. You may think recruiters are just resume shufflers who will fill a job with any warm body they come across. But recruiters can be one of the greatest resources a job seeker has.

Whether you’re starting your job search, or have already been contacted by a recruiter about an opportunity, here are 5 reasons you should work with a recruiter:

Access to Jobs Not Posted Online

Did you know that 80 percent of open jobs aren’t publicly advertised? That’s because many companies either hire internally or work with a recruiting firm.

“Many of our clients work with us on an exclusive basis,” Andrea Johnson, a senior recruiter in Morgan Hunter’s Administrative Division, said. “Rather than spend the money, time, and effort to source and vet candidates on their own, a lot of employers choose to let us handle that.”

Besides letting you in on this hidden job market, recruiters can expose you to opportunities in other industries you might not think to apply for.

“Candidates may not realize their skills could transfer to another industry when, in fact, they do,” she said.

Faster Interview Process

The average interview process now takes 23 days — a frustratingly long time for many job seekers. It’s understandable, though. In addition to finding someone to fill their role, employers also have a multitude of other responsibilities they need to meet. Recruiters, on the other hand, are solely focused on one task: finding the right candidates for the position.

“Working with a recruiter speeds up the interview process,” Johnson said. “We’ve already done a lot of the legwork, such as vetting candidates and matching their skills to the role. Plus, we work directly with the hiring managers and can quickly present them with candidates. It’s like starting on step three rather than one.”

Honest Feedback

According to CareerBuilder, 45 percent of job seekers say their biggest frustration is not receiving a response from an employer after they apply. A good recruiter, on the other hand, will always follow up with a candidate after their interview.

“Recruiters can provide honest feedback about the interview,” Johnson said. “We are constantly communicating with the employer, and they will tell us how a candidate performed in an interview. We share this valuable information with job seekers so they can continue to improve.”

Johnson also said job seekers can be comfortable sharing their honest impressions about an opportunity without jeopardizing their chances at landing the job.

Personalized Process

A solid recruiting firm like Morgan Hunter will meet with every job seeker face-to-face before sending them out on interviews.

“We want to meet with you to learn about your career goals in order to find the perfect match for you,” Johnson said. “We fully prepare every candidate for their interview by providing them with information about the company’s culture, the personalities of the people they are interviewing with, and any other insider information we can share.”

It’s Free!

Many job seekers still have the false belief that they have to pay a recruiter to find them a job.

“Our service is completely free for job seekers,” Johnson said. “Not only can we help them find job opportunities, we can provide tips on how to improve their resume and let them know about other helpful resources.”

Ready to Work with a Recruiter?

Contact Morgan Hunter. While there are a lot of recruiting firms to choose from, many factors set Morgan Hunter apart.

“The level of tenured recruiters at Morgan Hunter is really unprecedented in the industry,” Johnson said. “Our longevity in the industry has allowed us to build invaluable connections with employers across the Kansas City area.”

If you’re ready to discover the advantages of working with a recruiter, search our available jobs or contact us today.