Top Traits to Look for When Hiring Accounting & Finance Talent

When hiring accounting and finance talent, hard skills are key. Without them, even the brightest candidate will flounder on the job. But those kinds of skills are easy to test for and verify. As a leading Kansas City staffing services firm, Morgan Hunter knows what’s not so easy to detect are the soft skills that are also critical for success in the accounting and financing field. When you’re hiring accounting and finance talent, what are some of the key traits to look out for in candidates? Here are 6:

1. Ability to Problem Solve

A top accounting employee isn’t simply going to uncover hidden problems and obstacles. They’re going to propose solutions on how to effectively avoid or deal with them.

2. Leadership Skills

Most finance and accounting professionals don’t just sit at their desks, crunching numbers all day. They’re collaborating with colleagues, managing initiatives and presenting solutions. If a candidate doesn’t have strong leadership skills, then they’re going to have a hard time making the decisions and pushing for the actions that ensure the company stays on firm financial footing.

3. Independent Thinking

Work settings, goals and needs vary in the accounting and finance profession. That’s why you need those who can lead and collaborate with others, as well as work well independently, without a lot of direct supervision.

4. Comfort With Technology

Technology is ever changing and accounting and finance employees should be comfortable in leveraging its power. New software and tools have the ability to streamline processes and uncover red flags. Therefore, if a candidate seems to lack tech skills or is stuck in their ways – and not open to exploring new ideas – then it will eventually impact your bottom line.

5. Curiosity

The best candidates – whether in accounting, finance or another field entirely – are those who are constantly looking for better ways to do things. Not only do they want to develop and enhance their own skill sets, but they want to help those around them succeed, as well.

6. Confidence

Top employees will have confidence in themselves and their ability to do the job. After all, it’s their responsibility not simply to analyze facts and numbers, but also propose effective solutions to colleagues, clients and company management. If they don’t have confidence in their work product, suggestions and overall message, then they won’t be effective.

If you need help hiring for accounting and finance positions, call Morgan Hunter. As a leading Kansas City staffing services firm, we can handle the process for you – and help you find and hire your next great employee. Contact Morgan Hunter today if you’d like to learn more.