Why Poor Hiring Decisions Are Made (and How to Avoid Them)

As a leading Kansas City recruitment agency, Morgan Hunter knows that poor hiring decisions are expensive, plain and simple. In fact, just one hiring mistake can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars. While the end result of a bad hire is the same, there are many factors that result in these poor decisions. What are they – and how can you avoid them?

According to a recent study by Career Builder, respondents identified six reasons for making a bad hiring decision:

  • Needed to fill the job quickly (43%)
  • Insufficient talent intelligence (22%)
  • Sourcing techniques need to be adjusted per open position (13%)
  • Fewer recruiters to help review applications (10%)
  • Failure to check references (9%)
  • Lack of strong employment brand (8%)

What’s interesting about these reasons is that they’re all preventable. To ensure you don’t make these same mistakes, follow these tips:

Don’t rush the process.

There is always urgency to fill job openings. However, don’t let that lead you into not thoroughly vetting candidates and making a hasty decision. When determining a hiring timeline, be realistic. For instance, schedule at least six weeks to source enough quality candidates that you can then properly screen.

Leverage the power of data.

For a long time now, companies have used big data as the basis for their marketing efforts. Now, today’s top employers are applying those same techniques to their recruitment processes. Smart employers understand that they need to invest in data upfront to understand both current and prospective employees and use this information to position themselves as great places to work.

Do your homework on each candidate.

Whatever you do, don’t skip the process of checking references. Ask for references from a mix of people – including both supervisors, peers, and subordinates. That way, you’ll gain a more well-rounded perspective of a candidate to ensure they’re a good fit for you.

Work with a recruiter.

Working with an experienced recruiter can help ensure you not only gain fast access to the people you need, but help you to validate them before you make a hiring decision. A recruiter can also handle the sourcing and screening process, as well as perform reference and background checks, offering you more peace of mind about your hiring decisions.

If you’d like to engage a professional recruiter to help you avoid costly hiring mistakes, call Morgan Hunter. As a leading Kansas City recruitment agency, our experts can work with you to learn about your staffing needs and objectives, and then strategize the most cost-effective plan for meeting them. Contact Morgan Hunter today to learn more.