The Financial Market Speaks to Entry Level Job Seekers

AAFA (American Association of Finance & Accounting) is an alliance of executive search firms that focuses on recruiting and staffing finance and accounting professionals. They support over 45 offices across the United States that are staffed with more than 200 specialized accounting and finance job recruiters.

AAFA offers every accounting and finance job candidate national reach with local job market expertise and outstanding opportunities. We are fortunate to share this partnership in hopes of making the perfect match between financial recruiters and job seekers.

We follow a code of ethics for each job candidate and every single search. By reaching out to partner with recruiting professionals, employers and job seekers, AAFA recruiters deliver uncompromising service. We pay close attention to detail in order to understand the uniqueness of each job segment and its related specializations within the industry.

The financial sector is infamous for being exceptionally competitive, especially at the entry level. It’s difficult to really pin down the industry at a consistent rate since the financial market is so cyclical – when stocks boom, so do jobs and the same occurs inversely. So logically, when the market skyrockets, everyone wants in!

There are several ways to stay ahead of your competition as a job seeker and stay in line with the financial market. Regularly reading the financial news – like the Wall Street Journal or Financial Times for example will keep you in tune with monetary happenings across the U.S. and around the world. Secondly, internships form the perfect funnel into becoming an industry professional. Those internships will help educate and prepare you to take the CFA Level 1 exam, which is suggested to be taken early on. Avoid centering all of your internships on one financial concentration. Diversify your types of internships to establish a better-rounded knowledge-base and to get more insight on what interests you most.

Regardless of how good your grades are, or even how much experience you have, it behooves anyone on the job hunt to reach out for professional career advice. AAFA and its partners are hard at work everyday building the appropriate connections to link candidates and recruiters together. As a partner with AAFA, we have been given the opportunity to share contacts, connections, communications and education to countless financial professionals and to those who aspire to financial success.