3 Tips to Master Your First Day in Sales

Young man sitting in office and working on desktop

  You made it through the interview process and got the job offer. The hard work’s over now, right? Actually, as leading Kansas City sales recruiters, Morgan Hunter knows it’s just starting up since your new boss and co-workers likely have high expectations for you. What can you do to make the most of your… Read More »

Tips for Finding a Job in Kansas City

  A few weeks ago, we talked about a CareerBuilder survey that found that 21 percent of employees are vowing to find a new job in the New Year. But even though the job market has rebounded in the past few years, finding a new job is easier said than done. If you’re one of… Read More »

21 Percent of Employees Vowing to Find New Job in the New Year

As the New Year kicks off, more than one in five employees have made finding a new job their New Year’s resolution according to a recent survey by CareerBuilder. Of those looking for a new job in 2016, 34 percent said they will accomplish this by regularly looking for a new job even though they… Read More »