Employee Spotlight: Eric Walters

employee spotlight


Every two weeks, we highlight one of our amazing recruiters so you can get to know the Morgan Hunter team a little bit better. This week we spoke with Eric Walters, Recruiting Manager in our Information Technology Division!

What did you do before you were a recruiter with Morgan Hunter?

I was a co-owner in a small business in San Diego called Sunset Images. We created customized images sold to art dealers and photo developing laboratories. I enjoyed sunny San Diego but missed the Midwest, old friends, and family, so I made the move back to Overland Park and joined Morgan Hunter shortly after.

What is your favorite ‘90s jam?

I listened to a broad range of music in the 90’s and couldn’t name one specific song. My favorite bands ranged from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Depeche Mode and the Cure to Metallica.

What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Leftover BBQ Ribs I made on Chiefs Sunday! If I made just enough for the halftime party, that’s a huge mistake.

If you won $100 million in the lottery, what would you spend your money on?

I’m a notorious saver, but it would be impossible to save or spend that much. I guess I’d buy a few exotic cars to be frivolous, build a dream home, over fund college for my boys, then buy dream homes for my extended family. Finally, I pick several great charities and give away millions. Who could spend $100M anyway?

What would you do if you were given a month sabbatical from work?

Since I’d still have most of my $100M winnings, we’d take a 2-week trip to Europe, 1-week in Hawaii, since the kids have been begging to go, then relax for a few days.

If we were to open your snack drawer, what would we find?

I love sunflower seeds, plain ole salt and cracked pepper too.

What should employers expect in the 2018 market?

The market has been strong and there is a big demand for IT talent. I expect that to continue and increase. There is a shortage of top talent (statistically that’s always true), so keeping an open mind to adjusting your skills requirements. This will help you find the best people for the job. Talented and smart people are the elements you are truly hiring, the skillset can be learned. Bright employees can pick up a new skill and help your company excel.

What should job seekers know about the 2018 job market?

As mentioned the market is strong and you may have a lot of option depending on how common your skill set it. Continue to learn and grow on the job and away, in your spare time.

If you could provide tips to job seekers what would it be?

Be humble, open-minded and well prepared for a potentially life-changing job interview. That extra ten to twenty minutes of research can change the next ten to twenty years of your life. Employers want to hear your passion for the career you chose. Don’t walk into an interview then leave before letting them know you want the job. A mistake many job seekers make is playing coy and wearing a poker face. I’m not sure why, but some believe that being coy makes them more appealing, but from my experience, I find the opposite is true.


If you are a job seeker or employer who would like to get in touch with Eric, email ewalters@morganhunter.com or call 913-409-1152.