Assessing If a Candidate Is a Fit for Your Team

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The candidate looks great on paper. Their references are all positive. But how can you tell if they’re going to mesh with your team so that everyone can thrive? Ask yourself these questions:

Has their past experience prepared them to be a part of our team?

As the saying goes, “Past performance is the best indicator of future behavior.” So if you’re wondering what a candidate will bring to the table if they become a part of your team, simply look at their track record. And don’t just focus on accomplishments. Think, too, about any failures or mistakes they spoke about and what they learned from them. This will give you a good indication as to whether they have the right attitude and abilities for your team.

What questions did they ask?

The questions a candidate asks can give you clear insight into how they think, what’s most important to them and the value they’ll be able to offer you if hired. On the other hand, if the candidate didn’t ask any questions, or asked only general ones that could be easily answered by a quick check of your website, it’s a good indication that they could be lacking the depth you need.

Does our culture seem like a match for their personality?

The candidate might have the exact right skills you need. But if they’re a free spirit and you operate in a highly formal corporate culture, they’re not going to last long. That’s why assessing for cultural fit it so important. This means discussing their preferences when it comes to areas such as communication, feedback, working environments, and collaboration. It also means getting specific about your company’s culture so candidates can learn about it and decide whether it’s right for them.

What does my gut say?

Your gut should never be the sole source when making a decision. However, if you have strong instincts one way or another, don’t discount them. There’s a reason. So dig deeper to find out why.

When it comes to assessing a candidate, it’s no easy task. And one wrong move can lead to an expensive hiring mistake. That’s why some many companies rely on professional recruitment teams in the hiring process. These trained experts know the ins and outs of sourcing qualified candidates, as well as carefully vetting them to ensure their background and abilities and your company’s needs are in optimal alignment.

Not only that, but while this process is happening, you can focus on other business priorities. You’ll get highly qualified people – who are the right fit for your company – and also get more time in your day, too, to tackle other important tasks.

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