Employee Anniversary Spotlight: Eric Walters


At Morgan Hunter, we’re lucky to have so many tenured recruiters. As our employees celebrate their Morgan Hunter anniversaries, we thought you’d like to get to know them a little better! Today Eric Walters, Senior Recruiter in our Information Technology Division, is celebrating 19 years with Morgan Hunter.


When and how did you start working at Morgan Hunter?

I started in April of 1998. I was referred to Morgan Hunter by a friend who owned a small independent staffing firm. He said Morgan Hunter was the best in town, I met them and agreed, and the rest is history.

Favorite sports team?

I’m a local KC team fan, win or lose, but winning is more fun! The Royals have been a blast to watch during their recent pennant chases. I’ve loved the Chiefs since I moved to KC in the 90’s. My favorite, however, must be my 11-year old’s baseball team, the KC Monarchs!


Favorite movie?

I enjoy a lot of different genres, mostly comedies, but recently saw “The Godfather Part II” again and, I must say, that’s right up there.


Favorite TV show?

One of my favorites was a short running series called “Arrested Development.”


Favorite book?

My most recent books are “Dave Pelz’s Short Game Bible/Putting Bible,” a two-book, golf instructional series. Written by a former NASA Scientist turned golf coach.


Favorite food?

I love everything from burgers and hot dogs to steaks and BBQ to seafood and sushi. Thai food is my current favorite.


Best place to eat in Kansas City?

There are so many good restaurants in KC. Since Kansas City is known for BBQ, I would say Jon Russell’s Burnt Ends and Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que ribs are the best.


Favorite thing to do outside of work?

Spending time with family and friends usually related to a sporting event or the great outdoors.


What’s something most people don’t know about you?

My proudest memories are from scoring three hole-in-ones. Anticipation and exhilaration! It takes a small dose of skill and a generous amount of luck!


What advice would you give your candidates?

You should always be very well prepared for an interview. Don’t try to wing it. Research the employer, prepare good questions and think: What questions would I ask myself? And prepare accordingly. Interviews you prepare for will flow well, and thinking positively about your interview will create positive results. Be yourself, don’t try to guess and act like the person you think they want to hire.