The rules of the road: navigating a candidate-driven job market for both employers and job seekers

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Unlike the streets of downtown Kansas City, roadblocks and detours to the perfect role are a thing of the past for many job candidates (well… somewhat). Essentially, today there are more jobs available than candidates applying for them. So, it’s important that we arm both candidates and employers with the information they need to be successful in their next search.… Read More »

Could Partnering With a Recruiter Be the Boost Your Business Needs?

Portrait of smiling young businessman shaking hands with partners at meeting table in board room greeting each other before negotiations

  Hiring is always a challenge, but especially if you don’t have a dedicated HR team. It can be difficult to find the time to devote to this critical task. Partnering with a reputable Kansas City recruiter can provide the answer. But how specifically can your business benefit? Here’s a look at four ways: Insider… Read More »

What to Expect When Working with a Recruiter

  Job seekers will commonly encounter a recruiter during their job search. Whether it’s your first time working with a recruiter or you’ve had experience with one in the past, there likely remains many questions and potential misconceptions about partnering with a recruiter. We want to provide insight from our experienced perspective. To clear up… Read More »

Narrowing Your Candidate Field: How to Utilize the Experience of Your Recruiter

Post a job, get bombarded by resumes from hundreds of job candidates…many of whom aren’t qualified. If this sounds familiar, you’re certainly not alone. But if you work with a Kansas City recruiter, the good news is that you can leverage their experience to your benefit – to help you narrow the candidate field and identify… Read More »