6 Tips for Transitioning Your Career into a New Sector


Looking for more than just a new job, but a different career entirely? Morgan Hunter can help. As experienced recruiters in Kansas City, we work with organizations all over the area and understand how career changers like you can get the attention of hiring managers. To help you get started, here are a few tips to consider:

Tip #1: Create a plan.

When you’re switching careers, there are some different steps you’ll need to take than if you were simply looking for a new job. This includes identifying the skills you have that are transferable, as well as determining the skills you’ll have to acquire. Performing this exercise will give you a better sense of the value you can offer in a new career and the areas where you have some work to do. You can then create a plan with specific steps to take and a timeline for achieving them.

Tip #2: Get certified

Does the new field you’re interested in require a certain certification? Then start the process of researching programs and acquiring those certifications before you begin your job search. Despite your lack of experience, the right certifications will make you more attractive to hiring managers and more competitive among other candidates.

Tip #3: Join industry associations

There are many benefits to joining an industry association. Not only will you learn more in your chosen new field, but you’ll also have the opportunity to network within it. Professional associations also often post industry jobs, which you’ll then have access to as a member.

Tip #4: Update your resume

Once you’ve identified relevant skills, hold the right certifications, and belong to pertinent industry groups, you should then begin the process of updating your resume. When you do, focus on the skills, experience, and accomplishments you have that are most closely aligned with the new industry. Also, in your cover letter, explain why you’re looking to make a change and how the experience you have can contribute to the company.

Tip #5: Network

Once you have a strong resume in place, reach out to your network and ask about potential opportunities they know about. Explain that you’re switching gears in your career, why, and the kinds of positions you’re most interested in. You never know when a friend’s company is hiring or if a family member got an email about an opportunity opening up.

Tip #6: Work with a recruiter

When you want expert advice and help from a professional, partner with a recruiter in Kansas City. They’ll be able to offer you support and tips on changing careers, as well as information on hiring trends and in-demand skills in the field you’re interested in. They’ll also be able to connect you with potential job opportunities and provide guidance on effectively interviewing with hiring managers.

Just because you’re changing careers doesn’t mean your experience isn’t relevant. And at Morgan Hunter, we can help position yours in the best possible light. To find out how, contact our Kansas City recruiters today to learn more or get started.