Three 2021 job market trends that could stay around for a while

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Our team of experienced recruiters have witnessed the ebbs and flows of the Midwest’s job market for more than 35 years and worked to help local businesses and candidates navigate the changes that 2021 brought. Here are three of the biggest trends we saw last year, and what they could mean for the 2022 job market.   … Read More »

4 Quick Ways to Improve Your Resume

  Any open job receives an average of 120 applications, and only 20 percent of them get offered an interview. In this highly-competitive job market, you need a stellar resume to really stand out. Chances are, you already have a resume. But is it the best it can be? If you are having a hard… Read More »

How to Manage a Difficult Team Dynamic

You head home at the end of the day feeling exhausted and defeated. You wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about what happened at work and what you should have said. Mornings bring the dread of facing your team for another day. As their leader, you know it’s on you to change… Read More »