Morgan Hunter helps startup, small business define new role, hire perfect candidate

Morgan Hunter case study


As a young company with a small staff, Kansas City-based Crux KC – a marketing “un-agency” that merges executive-level marketing and business strategy – was growing rapidly and realized the need for a new position—someone to handle office management, scheduling, light accounting duties and more. Melea McRae, the company’s founder, was doing many of these jobs herself but knew she needed to hand these off to free up time to focus on growing the business. Yet, she was unsure how to approach the hiring process or even if the role was equivalent to one FTE.



Crux engaged the Administrative Division of Morgan Hunter for assistance, and the recruiting team immediately helped McRae understand the role, what the company should pay to attract a top candidate, and even helped her write the job description.

Within only a few days, the team arranged three interviews – two in-person, one virtual – all conducted back to back in the Morgan Hunter offices. McRae was presented with an overview and resume for  each candidate so she could conduct all the interviews at one time, all in a confidential setting.

“Setting up the interviews that way really made the best use of my time,” said McRae, “and it was such an easy and organized experience. They made it all super simple.”

McRae worked with Morgan Hunter to make an offer to her top candidate, and the Administrative team helped her manage the entire process of the offer and start date—as well as connecting McRae with her new hire ahead of time to work out any details.

Allison Dotson, the candidate hired by Crux, said working with Morgan Hunter was the key in helping her find the right fit, especially while trying to relocate to Kansas City at the time.

“Everything was virtual for me,” she said, “but even with two virtual interviews, I was very pleased with the position they found for me. They were able to tailor the job specifically to my skill sets. The recruiter found a position where I got both of my wish list items but also where I felt like I was a part of a family.”



Melea McRae

Now more than a year after hiring, Dotson has become an invaluable team member at Crux and credits Morgan Hunter for making a perfect match.

“The recruiter could not have found a better culture fit for me if I had thought it up myself,” she said. “Morgan Hunter didn’t waste my time with something I didn’t want. I was very lucky to have found the right place right away! Morgan Hunter made that happen for me.”

For McRae, the simplicity and speed of the process was paramount, especially while juggling so many other tasks of running a small business.

“I was pleasantly surprised with how easy and seamless it was,” she said. “Working with Morgan Hunter made all the difference because they truly get to know their candidates. It really was a one-time experience, and I had the candidate I was looking for—all in a week! I was very impressed.”



Morgan Philips
Recruiting Manager,
Administrative Division


Melissa Rose 
Recruiting Manager,
Administrative Division


Rachel Hays
Administrative Division