Service Process

At Morgan Hunter, we pride ourselves in the service that we provide for both our clients and job seekers. Our approach to corporate search is distinctive and very successful. Optimum results are provided as we partner with your organization. We are confident that you will find our methods beneficial to your success.

Client Job Seeker
We invest time getting acquainted with your company philosophy and culture, then assess your needs. We locate, identify and recruit prospective candidates. Primary sources of candidates are through our own recruiting and personal referrals.
Key hiring factors are identified and a search assignment is developed. Our consultants conduct personal interviews and assess the needs/desires of each candidate. All candidates are treated with respect and professionalism.
Through consultation, we establish a game plan/time frame for the search. Top candidates are selected based on qualifications and interest.
We recommend the top candidates, highlighting the strengths of each. Non-qualified candidates are eliminated. We present your company’s opportunity in detail and prepare the candidate for the interview.
We arrange interviews with the top candidates. Candidates are coached on handling potential counter-offers.
Extensive feedback is obtained and provided to both the client and the candidate.
We counsel on preparing a comprehensive offer. We establish candidate’s willingness to accept an offer within your salary parameters.
We coordinate the proper timing of the offer. The hire is completed upon the candidate’s acceptance.


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