Job Seekers – Frequently Asked Questions

What do I pay for your services?

There is no charge to the job seeker. All of our fees are paid by the employer.

Will you write my resume for me?

No, we are not a resume writing service. However, we will be happy to give you suggestions on ways to improve your resume and cover letter.

I want to make a career change. Can you help me with that?

We are not the best resource for making a complete career change. Clients are willing to pay fees because we find them candidates with proven track records in their professions. Usually when someone wants to make a career change, they are going to have to gain experience in their new career before our clients would be willing to pay a fee for them.

How would I benefit by using your service?

First of all, we can potentially make you aware of a lot of positions that no one else knows about because many of our clients are conducting their searches on a confidential basis. Secondly, when we represent you to a client company, we are typically working directly with the decision maker so your resume won’t be lost in a deep stack of resumes.

What is the process for working with Morgan Hunter?

If you are responding to an advertisement on our website or another job board, your resume will be sent to the recruiter working specifically to fill that position for our client. If the qualifications on your resume are sufficient, the recruiter will ask you to come in for an interview, where he or she will talk to you about experiences, career goals, salary and benefit expectations, and interests. If you are a match for the client, he or she may present your resume to the client for consideration.

What if I am not a match for a current job listing?

Sadly, we can’t match every job seeker with a client on the very first encounter. We add all job seekers to our database, and may call them later if their qualifications or experience meets those of a new job requirement. Sometimes, a job seeker has such unique or exceptional skills, that we will call our client companies and make them aware of the job seeker’s availability.

We also offer temporary assignments as an option to qualified applicants. This gives job seekers an opportunity to stay in the workforce while still looking for their next permanent career position.

How often should I contact your office after an interview?

Our recruiters make every attempt to match you with a current opening following your initial meeting. If there is not a current match, we let our candidates know that we will reach out to them when we find an opportunity that matches their professional skills. We encourage our candidates to keep us informed on the status of their job search throughout the process either by email or by phone.

Will I be asked to perform any tests to prove my skills?

Administrative job seekers are very frequently asked to take online skill evaluations. That helps us to match job seekers to clients with specific requirements, such as proficiency in a particular software, key stroke speed, or typing speed. Information Technology positions sometimes require skills testing. In addition to testing, we check the personal and professional references for all of our job seekers before presenting them to our clients. We also perform background checks if the client asks us to.


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