5 Tips for Applying for Out of State Jobs

Applying for a job in a different state can be tricky. There is a myth that most recruiters or HR managers won’t even consider an out-of-town candidate because they’re afraid they’ll be asked to pay for interview trips or relocation costs. They might be worried that they’ll go through all the trouble of hiring you,… Read More »

How to Manage a Team of Conflicting Personalities

Businesspeople arguing in meeting

  The American Management Association once surveyed 250 executives and managers and found that they spend approximately 24 percent of their time dealing with conflicts. That’s a huge investment of time — which equals a huge amount of payroll dollars being wasted! Let’s not forget the potential effects of conflict on retention and turnover. Poorly… Read More »

High Tech Hiring Heats Up

Great news for IT professionals (but not so great for employers): according to Dice.com’s most recent monthly survey, competition for qualified IT workers is continuing to heat up. Dice.com, the United States’ leading career website for technology and engineering professionals, says the latest surge in hiring has pushed the tech sector’s unemployment rate to below… Read More »

Should You Hire a Candidate With an Online Degree?

As online degrees become more popular in our increasingly wired world, human resources personnel and hiring managers have to decide: how do they view online courses and degrees? Should they give equal credence to job candidates based on whether their academic credentials are online or traditional? Are there any circumstances where online degrees are viewed… Read More »

Social Networks Are Creating New Marketing Jobs

Five years ago, Twitter didn’t exist and Facebook was mostly used among college students as a way to connect with their friends and classmates. Today, Facebook has more than 500 million active users and Twitter reported in April 2010 that new users were signing up at the rate of 300,000 per day. Large companies and… Read More »

5 Questions You Must Ask When Interviewing a Candidate

When you have gotten through the initial screening of job candidates, it’s time to bring in the top two or three in for an interview. What questions should you ask them? What answers should you be looking for? From a general perspective, you want to ask questions that tell you whether the person has the… Read More »

7 Tips for Transitioning from IT into Management

While an IT career can be very fulfilling, it may become a dead end, depending on your career aspirations. There may come a time when you will have to take a serious look at the possibility of moving into management. Why? You may feel that you have hit a glass ceiling. You may think you… Read More »

How Staffing Firms Can Help Grow Your Business

One of the most difficult aspects of running a business is growing it at a healthy rate while keeping costs under control. Business needs also change quickly due to absences, new clients, rush orders, and other unexpected events. What’s an easy way to handle growth without spending too much or losing out on productivity? Take… Read More »

How Can HR Pros and Recruiters Work Together Successfully?

To answer that question, let’s start by analyzing some of the innate conflicts between HR and recruiters. HR professionals often perceive recruiters, especially outside recruiters, as a threat to their jobs. Because recruiting is at least part of their role in a company, they may not like it when someone comes in to do it… Read More »

When Is It the Right Time to Hire?

Now that the economy is starting to pick up, so is hiring. Is it the right time for you to hire some new employees? Obviously, the first question you should ask yourself is “Can we afford it?” After assessing your cash flow, existing revenue and inventory, you may be unsure. But don’t make the mistake… Read More »