6 ways temporary work can help you find your new flavor

Benefits of Temporary Work

Tiny white spoons always bring me joy. Normally pretty much worthless, those miniature spoons – usually in a clear glass canister at the ice cream shop – mean samples. Who doesn’t love the chance to try ice cream? And not just chocolate chip or butter pecan, but the weird ones, too: cotton candy, green tea, watermelon splash, creole tomato?

A lot of us may be a little scared to dive into a full double-scoop helping of fig and fresh brown turkey gelato, but a tiny taste on that cute little spoon? Not that intimidating.

That mindset can be especially beneficial during this tumultuous year, when so many are looking for what’s next. Whether the pandemic claimed your previous job or you’re realizing you may be on the wrong career path, temporary work may offer not only a lifeline but also a way to sample a strange new flavor before you jump in with both feet.

And the flavors are plentiful right now. In fact, temporary positions can be full-time, part-time, seasonal or project-based, and they’re popping up in lots of industries, due in part to the pandemic’s effects on the economy. This is good news for candidates, Arun Srinivasan tells Forbes:

“This is an uncertain time. This is uncharted territory for organizations and workers. We’re seeing newer kinds of work and work arrangements … We do see more opportunities for workers who choose to engage in that model.”

In fact, the candidates we match with temporary and contract positions across the Kansas City region tell us these types of roles actually serve up a number of delicious benefits:

1. The chance to try a new career path

As you’re probably seeing on LinkedIn, the pandemic has motivated many employees to finally pursue that different career path or new idea they’ve always wanted to try. If you’re ready to scratch that itch, temporary work can allow you to get a taste.

2. The chance to test out a specific company

Always had your eye on a trusted KC company with a solid reputation? Find out if you’re a good culture fit with an insider’s view through a temp role.

3. The chance to learn a new skill or add valuable experience

Contract roles are a great way to keep your skills sharp if you’re looking for a traditional, full-time role. They also provide an opportunity to enhance your resume with new experiences and new employers (including exposure to different work environments and kinds of managers)—which can be a helpful way to show your breadth of expertise.

4. The chance to parlay it into a permanent job

That contract-to-hire job? It might be the perfect way to get your foot in the door and put yourself on the radar of the employer when they’re ready to hire. We’re seeing more of this type of situation in the tech consulting industry, for example, but it can be prevalent in many sectors. In addition, companies often test out a new position as a temporary role – to explore how the job will work and if it’s indeed needed – so this could be an effective way to prove yourself and be top of mind when they make it permanent.

5. The chance to expand your network

Never underestimate the power of your personal connections, especially in Kansas City, where the degrees of separation are few. Temporary work will bring you into contact with new co-workers and employers who may be able to help you on your career journey (and vice versa).

6. The chance to work a flexible schedule

If this year has taught us anything, it’s the value of adaptability, which comes in handy when your office is forced to work from home or when your kid’s school closes for a week and you’re on childcare duty. Temporary positions may allow you the ability to mold a work schedule that better matches your current needs.

Temporary work serves up tasty solutions

With so much of the economy and the job landscape still uncertain – and election years are notoriously volatile – temporary work seems to be an attractive option for many area businesses, which means it could be the perfect fit for you. Elaine Pofeldt elaborates in Forbes:

“Will the temp trend continue? Very likely. Many companies are being very cautious about hiring right now, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need contributions from top talent … And that means independent professionals with the right skills are going to find themselves with plenty of projects.”

If you’re ready to sample a few new career options, we can help you explore the temporary and contract positions that could be right for you. You never know, one scoop of caramel balsamic swirl in a waffle cone might just be the flavor you’ve been craving.

Morgan Johnson is recruiting manager of the Administrative Team at Morgan Hunter, serving Kansas City-area employers to help them meet a range of hiring needs, from temporary staffing to direct-hire placements. Share your thoughts on Facebook, LinkedIn or on Twitter @MorganHunterCo.