Morgan Hunter finds perfect candidate who wasn’t even job-hunting

Morgan Hunter case study


Heather Beall

Before she moved to her current role, Heather Beall oversaw human resources for a Kansas City-based international transportation company. However, after several years at the company, she was ready for something else: “I had confidentially reached out and said, ‘I’m over laying people off. I’m tired. If you have anything, let me know.’”

While that right fit wasn’t available at the time, the Human Resources division at Morgan Hunter stayed in touch with Beall and immediately thought of her when a position opened at one of their top clients, NCM Associates, a Kansas City-based company serving thousands of new and pre-owned automotive dealers, OEMs and business operators in more than 20 other industries throughout North America.



When Carol Schmidt and Julie Davis at Morgan Hunter reached out to Beall, she said she nevertheless was hesitant after adjusting back into her normal routine. “What’s funny is I almost didn’t call them back,” Beall said. “I’m like, ‘I’m happy, I’m fine, it’s fine. I don’t need to go anywhere. I’m settled in.’”

Schmidt and Davis, however, recognized the potential fit between Beall and NCM, and encouraged her to at least have a conversation with executives at the company. “We immediately knew Heather’s personality and background were a perfect match for NCM,” Schmidt said.



Heather BeallIf Beall had any remaining reservations about making a move, they were quickly eliminated after her interview with the CEO of NCM. “We completely hit it off,” she said. “And now that I’m here, it’s a year later, and 100% they were spot on. This is the perfect company for me. It was a perfect fit and it was all because I wasn’t looking, I wasn’t even interested in looking. And they thought of me a year later—meeting with this client and they just knew.”

Now serving as Chief Human Capital Officer at NCM and overseeing both Human Resources and the company’s Human Capital Initiatives, Beall still leans on Morgan Hunter as an extra recruiting resource for her team—to find those candidates who, like Beall, may not be actively looking for a new opportunity.

“I can reach out to them to help me, to be that extension of my arm,” she said, “If you’re not getting the type of candidate you want, you need that expertise from Morgan Hunter to go find them… They know it’s quality over quantity, and that’s what I appreciate.”


Carol SchmidtCarol Schmidt
Senior Director,
Human Resources & Administrative Divisions


Julie Davis

Julie Davis
Senior Director,
Human Resources & Administrative Divisions